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Thread: New Zombie Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by caatalyst View Post
    While I’m definitely not opposed to more threats in the world, I think some improvements to the AI and how they play out in the world will make a huge difference.

    Better path finding / bread crumbs system / smell system - these will improve the zombie experience significantly.
    Hopefully that's coming soon™ to a theater near us =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    What I would like: ...

    Zombie Dog Beta: Like normal.
    Zombie Dog Alpha: Able to jump varying distances (possible dig some). gs based

    Vultures Beta: Like they are now only more aggressive.
    Vultures Alpha: Will explode like the cops but on a timer. will fight for awhile then lets out a loud screech dives towards the player "BOOM!". gs based
    Yes, and wolves!

    That would freak out builders like me, but I like it. Option: Add a 50% chance of one going rogue, no fight, just flight. "tra lala, I'm going to stick my head out the door to check the weather.." [email protected]#!!
    (side of house gone)
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    I have seen and read a lot of these types of posts. If you change the Zs to much than they are no longer Zs. I would argue to keep them the same and instead work on the Bandit AI.

    I think eventually the "hard" part of the game will be a Bandit horde coming across you when you are out or even attacking your base. Prehaps eventually there will be bandits that throw TNT, ride motorcycles, and even fire rocket launchers.

    How "easy" will day 100+ be when a 20 member bandit attack goes through your defenses like they are swiss cheese. We will have to build complex defenses that can handles both mindless hordes and bandits armed to the gills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    What I would like:

    Fodder Class: biome spawn zeds, Weak, Slow and Dumb. They don't path around object blocking their path once they have a target. They will destroy anything in their path that's between you and them.

    Soldier Class (not the entity skinned zed): Sprinkled in with the fodder biome spawns but mostly hang out around poi's (outside). Slightly smarter than the Fodder class. Will path find and avoid obstacles. Moderately faster and stronger with more hp.

    Leader Class: Slightly smarter/ faster/ stronger than the Soldier Class. Will actively retreat a set distance away from the player and allow other zeds to wear the player down if more are around (will always appear with a small entourage of zeds around it). Hangs outside near High valued prefabs (cops zeds would fall into this category). gs based.

    Sleepers: Basically a mixture of the Leader Class and Soldier Class but in the prefabs themselves won't actively leave their territory zone but will send the soldier class instead.

    Zombie Dog Beta: Like normal.
    Zombie Dog Alpha: Able to jump varying distances (possible dig some). gs based

    Vultures Beta: Like they are now only more aggressive.
    Vultures Alpha: Will explode like the cops but on a timer. will fight for awhile then lets out a loud screech dives towards the player "BOOM!". gs based

    Screamer Beta: (use both Screamer girl and spider) acts like a Leader Class but only calls in zeds like now.
    Screamer Alpha: Feral version stronger faster blah blah.. gs based

    Blood Moon: First wave fodder, Second wave soldier, third wave soldier and feral mix etc,. gs based. mix in vulture alpha, dog alpha as well.

    just some ideas on what I would like..
    I can get on board with most of this. I do however think making those leader zombies smart enough to retreat is a bit much.
    What I would prefer to see is the leaders being smart enough to home in on doors and other weak spots in your defenses, while regular grunt zombies just head straight in.

    Like Minandreas said, at the end of the day most of the zombies are just shambling idiots. Giving a little variety to their behavior can certainly be a boon. Also, giving the special zombies more of a theme, more of a specific role, would do wonders. That’s one thing Left 4 Dead did really well. Their special zombies all have very specific tasks, and it made them each very potent enemies. Here’s some ideas how to push 7 Days more that direction.

    Screamers should be more dangerous than they currently are. They should be more versatile, and more stealthy. They're listed as the scouts of the zombie hordes, and in my opinion they should play the part more directly.
    1. They shouldn't screech constantly to announce their presence. Maybe they can make noise if they are at a distance, but they should be quiet when you get close to them... until the scream. Make them more like Minecraft creepers, where you have to actually be paying attention or they blow up behind you.
    2. They should also be added to the sleeper list, and have a much higher probability of being awoken than other zombies. So they are basically an alarm system for the unwary. Rather than just spawning more zombies, they should alert all sleepers in proximity and give them a location to head to.
    3. Roaming sleepers need a new mocap. They shouldn't shamble as much, they should appear a little more sneaky, more... focused? Like they are hunting. Similar to how the spiders have a much more focused animation set. It's very obvious in their body language they are hunters.

    Spiders are a great zombie with a ton of potential, but they are currently not living up to it. The introduction of screamers took away their most potent weapon. They need a little love to become a much more versatile threat. A couple simple changes would make them into a very powerful mobility based unit.
    1. Allow them to attack straight up, and forward, while climbing walls. Currently a 1 block lip around a building completely negates spiders. This makes them an almost irrelevant zombie type in their current iteration. This would also enable them to attack the supports of buildings if they’re under there climbing and can’t find a way up. They’ll just start attacking out of frustration, much like other zombies do to walls.
    2. Spiders should regain the old removed ability to dig. Maybe digging was too powerful for all zombies to have, but having specific zombies that is able to do it seems reasonable to me. It makes them more of a specific threat. It would also mean the introduction of spider hordes could be a real problem to underground bases, which would be a neat dynamic. Their crawling gait would make them perfect for digging like a dog.
    3. Give them a short distance lung/leap attack that stuns if it lands. Similar to the hunters from Left 4 Dead, leaping spiders would become a much more impactful threat if you don't see them hiding within a horde, or if one happens to sneak up behind you, which would be a nice danger for ranger players who have it pretty easy at the moment. This would also make them much more dangerous to melee players, and currently only the cop zombie poses a real threat to melee early game.
    4. Adding to #3, make spiders quieter. They currently screech way too often. Like i said with the screamers, they can continue to screech when they are at a distance to the player, but make them go quiet when they are hunting.

    These guys are a great unit as is, but seem to fall a little short. Currently a moderately well built base makes you nigh invulnerable to zombies. Having a zombie specifically geared toward ripping up your base would be a big improvement.
    1. Add infection chance to their puke.
    2. Give them a second puke attack that rather than being a long range projectile is more of a close range wide cone.
    3. Increase the block damage of their puke, and make them willing to target blocks with it rather than just the player, similar to how zombies are willing to punch blocks.
    4. Make them able to sense players all the time, regardless of server feral settings, and puke at the blocks between the player and them. These guys just need to be more dangerous, and making them target walls to get to you is the way to do it. The feral always setting would push players who don’t want to deal with them towards playing more stealthy when they are nearby.

    Bloated Zombie:
    A new zombie type. Kind of a kamikaze unit. Could potentially shift the tourist to fill this role.
    1. These guys would have relatively low health due to being basically big fluid sacs. This means despite their inherent danger, they are only a big problem if you are not paying attention. You should be able to take them out well before they get close enough to be a problem if you see them early enough.
    2. They would be sort of a cross between cop zombies and a boomer from Left 4 Dead, but rather than puking at you, their main attack would be to get close and explode.
    3. Their explosion would have a very high infection rate, along with decent block and entity damage. Potentially add a buff to other zombies who are in proximity to their explosion, giving them a temporarily higher infection rate.
    4. The bloaters should explode if they get a certain distance from a player and are not able to get any closer for an amount of time, similar to how other zombies turn from pursuit to attacking walls. This would turn them into something akin to a breach zombie you'd have to stay very aware of. You couldn't just leave them outside your walls. You couldn't let them hang around near the supports of your stilt base. Unlike other zombies who will just mill around, if they are within proximity and their timer expires they will explode. Potentially taking out a wall or support and making it easier for other zombies to gain entry or bring your base down.

    Fat guy(and tourist if they are not turned into bloated zombies):
    These guys kind of don’t do anything at the moment. They have more HP and hit a little harder, but other than that they are not much of a threat. We can fix that.
    1. Give them a higher stun chance.
    2. Give them a knockback/knockdown/throw attack of some sort. Having them drop you in a pack of zombies would ruin your day real quickly. This would make these guys a threat you really wouldn’t want to get within melee distance of. Currently, the only other zombie that fits this role in early game is the cop zombie. It would be nice to widen that gap a little bit to add a little more variety in play style.

    Fractured Zombie:
    Another new zombie type. A highly damaged zombie with bone fragments where their fleshy bits should be. Basically a walking cactus.
    1. Bumping into them should have a high bleed and infection chance, reduced by your armor amount.
    2. Their attacks should have a high bleed and infection chance, also reduced by armor amount.
    3. Wouldn’t have a lot of HP due to their highly damaged state. More of a danger in groups or when they catch someone off guard.

    Putrid Zombie:
    Yet another new zombie type. These guys are putrefying and collecting noxious gases within their bodies that are released when they die, creating a temporary gas cloud. This would make them extremely dangerous in close quarters, especially in enclosed areas such as buildings, caves, mines, etc.
    1. The gas cloud should choke the player, causing any of an assortment of debuffs like weakness, can’t breathe, etc. Could be a new custom debuff. Whatever makes sense.
    2. Irradiated versions could have radiation damage in their cloud as well.
    3. This could be a new state of all zombies rather than a new specific zombie. Similar to how there are irradiated versions of most zombies.

    Just a couple ideas. plenty more ways to make things a bit more dicey out there.
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    I feel zombie is not a bad idea to implement

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    I build elevated bases with a ledge made of iron bars around the perimeter with a cage all around that makes me completely safe from the zombies. To threaten my base the flyers will have to do block damage and the spider will have to be able to crawl on the underside of my base not just vertical and be able to do block damage while climbing.

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