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Thread: Does anyone know if subway/sewer tunnels are planned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geengaween View Post
    Just to make sure I understand it but we're not talking about Ambient occlusion right? Occlusion in this context is when your system doesn't have to render or build parts of the map that are currently hidden from view?

    So how come they seem to have had such a hard time implementing occlusion into the game? One would think it would be essential for a huge game like this
    From what I read, it has to be done the way unity expects and you have to be using the PRO version.

    Here is a page from their site.

    But what you are describing is "Occlusion Culling". This will optimize things (should). I think you need pro for that too.

    Here is their page for Occlusion Culling:

    So, reading on, it tells that you want all your cells to be as equal in size as possible. So this would be why you dont want Behemoths (or cars) in the game if you wanted max performance from Unity. Unless you break the larger graphics into smaller pieces.
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