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Thread: Really wishing there were more arbitrary options via xml

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    Really wishing there were more arbitrary options via xml

    Blergh. Playing around with trying to make changes and keep running into sooo many things in the dlls that are heavily sandboxed. Like, each different type of thing can do only the specific preset things that they have been assigned the ability to do, and have no access to make any arbitrary changes to anything else. Which I -guess- I can understand in terms of them wanting mods not to go around breaking things and to increase clarity and such, but it would be really nice if you could -just access the variables under the hood-.

    Like, for example, viable quest actions and rewards are limited to a specific small pool of possible options. Those are the only things quests can do. Objectives are limited to:
    AnimalKill, Assemble, BlockPickup, BlockPlace, BlockUpgrade, Buff, ExchangeItemFrom, Fetch, FetchKeep, CraftItem, Goto(technically any POI but in practice only Trader), Repair, Scrap, SkillsPurchased, Time, Wear, WindowOpen, and ZombieKill.
    Rewards are limited to:
    Exp, Item, Level, Quest, Recipe, ShowTip, Skill, and SkillPoints.

    There is no way to make a quest have any other requirements without using sdx. So you cannot play around with any values that aren't in that sandbox. You cannot, for instance, make a multiplayer mod that allows players to dynamically play around with their difficulty level, taking quest paths with interesting reward but that cause jumps in gamestage(which could be done easily if a quest could just directly modify the entityPlayer variable GameStageLifeTicks).

    Grr. Doing sdx modding is so much more of a tangle than I really want to be messing about with...

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    Similarly, entity spawning is handled in all of these ultra-specific, hard-coded ways, all sandboxed away from anything that can be meaningfully accessed through items/blocks.

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    That's why I haven't touched it yet and I'm sticking with XML only.

    It's on my "to-do" list, but probably not for a while. Kinda want to get my mod into a state I'm happy with first.

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