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Thread: Trading mashines

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    Question Trading mashines

    Hi guys i just got into modding so i dont know much about this but i wrote and changed a bit in the trader.xml and the blocks.xml to get more vending mashines. But well like i said im knew to this stuff and i would like to have other models and icons for them. Is anyone there to help me a little with that?

    So what does this mod do?

    I created 2 more vending mashines where u can sell stuff
    - General supllies (building stuff)
    - Trading supplies (stuff every trader have)

    this stuff is rather expensive to balance it a bit (by concern if its to cheap or stuff like that feel free to write about it)
    they refill & change inventory every day

    What comes next?

    - dividing the trading supplies into more mashines like ammo & healthcare
    - new icons and models (if i can get help with that)
    - balancing

    How to install?

    copy the lines out and change the block idīs to free ones

    Should work with other mods (im using this with the war of the walkers but there is no need for this one)
    Feel free to use it in youre own mods


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    Could be nice in some of the Modpacks like Ravenhearst or War of the Walker

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