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Thread: Was asked to share it in the hope a missing daughter would be found

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    Was asked to share it in the hope a missing daughter would be found

    I know this is off topic and a moderator can move it later, but more people will see this here. Was on Discord chatting and this was posted by a father about his missing daughter. It is in I think Dutch so couldn't read it, but there are some here who will be able and hoping someone can help. No parent should have to go through the pain and fear of their child missing, even one who is a adult.

    I hope the link works.

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    I agree, but I'll move this to the Off-topic section, and leave a redirect here.

    Oh, and here's from google translate...

    Hello people need urgently your help my daughter Melanie Since Tuesday 09.01.18 ca since 15.30Vermisst Please if you see who or Something about their abbe we know please at the next police department Last time she was in the gym Retz (Lower Austria - Austria) However We know from different people that she also has friends in DE (Germany) so please share in DE !! Please help us to search them and bring every SMALL note to the police !! She is 14 years old has blond hair is about 1.58 Gross and very friendly!


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