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Thread: Question for people with long term Multi Player worlds

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    Question for people with long term Multi Player worlds

    Good day,

    I host MP worlds on the PS 4 and each and every one of them has been busy with people joining in and building stuff. I always end up with the same results. The more I play, build, explore, etc the more crashes happen. It always start slowly but as the game advance the crashes increases and get to the point where we crash every 30 to 45 min.

    Now for the question...

    Is there any other host with the same kind of situation but without the crashes? If so can you please tell me what you do different so I can try to replicate and reduce the crashes.

    I love building and mining but I feel the more I mine and or build the more I mess up my worlds.

    I would love to enjoy some more end game instead of having to constantly restart worlds due to crashes.

    I will also try a private server and limit the amount of people playing. I am thinking 4 to 6 regular players and the odd random friend that will potentially join. I have been lucky and found a bunch of great guys to play with, from this forum and other communities, so the private server option seems to be the best at this point.

    I would really like to hear from another host and see if my situation is normal or worse than the average long term host.

    Thank you


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    The longer you play the harder it is for the game to remember everything that you've done. I'm on day 300 in my world. Crashes every hour or hour thirty min. Sometimes it only last 20 min.

    It depends on a lot of things. How many people are in your world, how high their ping is, ect.

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    Jethrobuzz, I think we just test out some things. I think moving to the private game is a great start. I personally hosted a private game just under 300 days. We stopped as we felt we had run it to the end.

    We didn't have the issues you have described, but we also typically stayed near each other too. Another thing that I also started doing too was cleaning up dead bodies. Sometimes they just died due to timeouts. As I came across them I'd clean them. As I killed zombies, clean them up. As you kill your hunted animals, clean them. Same with dogs.

    It goes back to the version when the host would have a ton of fog and no one else would. Meaning the system was becoming overloaded and would try to compensate. That was another way I was able to tell when a player was cheating or duping on my setup. It would become very foggy as a host.

    Another thing that I do is get my loot to as small as possible. Meaning I don't have a bunch of weapon parts that I might never use. Instead I combine them or sell them to the trader to get rid of it. Meaning now the system doesn't need to account for unneeded things.

    Also, restart your system fully at times. This is to clear the cache. I typically will shut it down fully, unplug it, get a drink, and plug it back in.

    In short, it does take a bit of babysitting. Speak nicely to your machine, possibly pat it on the top and tell it how awesome it is too.

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    Game probably has bad memory. I know ARK playing PVE people building to much stuff that game lags badly. PVP is better but people killing each other and breaking your houses down when your signed off.

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