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Thread: Offline multiplayer

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    Offline multiplayer

    Gotta problem. I donít have internet and I only play on single player and split screen. Every time we try to knock down a door and the roof falls in the game glitches and itís cause us to loose our game. It comes up as corrupt save. This has happened twice once at day 51 and another one at day 28. Why does this do this.

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    They are going to need a bit for information - would you be able to give details of the game you are playing (seed, game settings, how many days into the current game) and explain a bit more about the problem, for example:

    Whether you are on single or split screen when it occurs (if split screen, does it happen for both players).
    Is it happening on multiple maps or just one map.
    Is it the same type of door/building that has the collapse.
    Include coordinates of the affected building(s)
    If possible, photos or videos of this happening

    The more info you give, the more they can help you resolve this.

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    Hi Wporter20,

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing glitches in your game. As Damselx1 I will need a bit more information to test and troubleshoot this issue.

    Please use the guide provided to give me as much information as possible about the save this is occurring in - and confirm the console you are playing on.

    The questions Damsel asked are the same as what I would have asked. I've elaborated on some aspects below...

    -Are you playing on you are on single or splitscreen or both when the glitch occurs?

    -If the glitch occurs in splitscreen, can both players cause the glitch? Is there any difference between screens when it does occur?

    -Is it happening on multiple maps or just one map? If just the one map, please be sure to include the name of the save exactly as it appears on the console as they are case sensitive and can make a difference in testing.

    -On the slight chance a cache issue, please try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins before rebooting to see if that helps at all.

    -Is it the same type of door/building that has the collapse or just one building in particular? Please include coordinates of the affected building(s). If this is a structure you build yourself please provide details of the structure.

    -If possible, photos or videos of this happening would greatly help the team replicate exactly what's happening and narrow down the cause even quicker.

    Thank you Damselx1 for your help. Wporter20 hopefully we can resolve this easily for you with the information you provide.

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