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Thread: The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

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    The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

    Hi Guys, I just wanted open up discussion of Alpha 17. Sorry we have been tight lipped about it, but I wanted to try something different this time where we talk about finished or work in progress features rather than stuff we simply planned. This leads to less frustration because usually once something is started we finish it, where its easy to plan a bunch of stuff and have it slip through the cracks, which is disappointing for all of us.

    I will say we're ramping up the team, we've hired two new senior programmers, a concept artist, an environment artist, a designer, and we have about 5 new full time world builders. I'll begin showing stuff on youtube real soon. I have two keyboards hooked up at the same time now so I can annoy people if I want, or use the quiet keyboard if I want

    NOTE: No release date will be estimated. It will be done when the issues are solved and the known bugs have been fixed. We're closer than we've ever been before!

    Hitler Vids
    Spider Meme

    A17 News: Use these links to skip to the parts of the A17 thread where developers appear!

    Wallpaper and Trader Bob Images
    Trader Bob Compound Concept Art
    First look at bicycle
    First look at THE HOG
    Concept Art Video
    Bathtub and Modular Pallet art assets
    Dungeon Prefab Video
    Player Mocap and Vehicles Video
    First look at new Stag
    First look at school bus model
    Zombie Ragdoll and more video
    Madmole comments and answers questions
    Madmole comments on newest video concerning Bosses and HP bars
    Kinyajuu comments on A17 system overhauls
    Kinyajuu comments on the A17 weapon mod system
    Madmole confirms jeep for A17 and shows new menus
    faatal shows pics of gyrocopter
    faatal reveals dynamic origin point used in A17
    Madmole shows footage of gyrocopter and other vehicle progress
    Madmole shows footage of combat enhancements and more.
    Madmole posts a video by Prime about dialogue system and quests
    Kinyajuu posts a video showing current weapon's testing
    Madmole returns with a video and comments about weapon crafting and mods
    Faatal talks about AI and pathing
    Madmole returns with a video and comments
    faatal posts about vehicle xml and AI/pathing improvements
    Kinyajuu posts about micro-stuttering fixes
    Kinyajuu posts about RWG pregeneration
    Madmole shows new tree model, road making tool, new store
    New Water Screenshots posted
    New Lighting Screenshots posted
    Ambient lighting examples shown
    New Live Oak Tree
    Screenshots of new Unity 2018.2 lighting
    Screenshot of a ranger station after horde night
    Screenshot of Shotgun Messiah Factory interior
    Screenshots of Feral Wight Zombie
    Scary Zombie Screenshots
    More Screenshots
    Gym POI and 4x4 glamour shot
    HD, PBR block textures
    Kinyajuu gives details about the buff/item/progression/mod system.
    Madmole shows new perks
    Madmole shows beer dispenser texture and more perks
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