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Thread: Telltale Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerPopo View Post
    In general, the AMD 2200G and 2400G iGPUs are relatively good budget gaming options (i.e. 720p low for heavier titles), but likely don't cut it in 7dtd.
    As a very rough estimate, the 2200G is about 50% faster than the 940MX laptop GPU according to userbenchmark; given that my 940MX laptop gets 15-25fps (clearly GPU bottlenecked) at 900p Low without zombie activity, you likely won't reach 30fps in more crowded situations with the 2200G. Also, Low settings look horrible.

    For a playable experience at medium settings, GTX 1050/RX 560 are the baseline I think. If your budget allows, better go for GTX 1050Ti or RX 570, the latter being quite a bit faster in most cases. I recommend taking a look at proper GPU performance comparisons such as this one.
    So is it possible in the future with the pc I got I can just update the graphic card I’m new to all this I just really wanna play alpha 17 so I got a cheap gaming pc what I fort hopefully in the future I can upgrade and also I really appreciate sylen and you’re help thank you

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    Meanwhile we all made it so far that community members recommend hardware specs for the PC version in the console section. Cheers.

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