" I mean do we really need one of TFP themselves to come in here and say sorry no new news? "
IMHO, Yes it would be nice to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. It would give me a warm fuzzy about them caring about the console users. This is very similar to when we were supposed to get that update from last year. Lots of communication from TTG, then the communication slowed and stopped. Then we got the bad news. I just see this cycle repeating. The info we do get seems to be from everyone but those that actually know.

Do you really think it would be that big of a deal to actually hear from TFP? I mean they won't even post things like the t-shirts for sale or Twitter contest in the console forums. So yes, it would actually be nice to hear from them even if they saw "we have no new news". Heck even if they said we never intended to do a console game so sorry we are not moving forward with anything on the console. While that would suck, I would respect their honesty.
This guessing game is getting old, and I don't think asking for honesty is asking too much.