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Thread: Funniest or Weirdest way you've died in A17e?

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    Welp, I had a face-palm death in my "dead is dead" gameplay through 208. My base I made out of a POI camp was doing me very well, and I was about to turn the difficulty up because my spikes + ak alone were fending off blood moons well. On the day 56 horde night, all was going well as usual. Except when the temptation of three loot-bags just beyond my reach on the ground in a gap of broken spikes just kept calling my damn name. I cleared packs until the next spawns were far away, and starts putting frames down on the ground. They kept glitching out and vanishing. I thought I saw one drop in place, and jumped down on it... and it wasn't there. Well ♥♥♥♥.

    No worries, I had my modded-out AK with extended clip fully reloaded, high armor perks and steel armor. I killed the next pack on foot, healed up with a medkit. Now, I decided to put electric fencing on the outside of my spikes. (remember that). Two rad wights and cpl cops were coming, and I caught an infection / sprained leg from a spider, so I made a little move. The two wights inevitably caught up and pounded me, but I killed em both with the AK. Badly beaten and stunned - with the cops coming - I backed up and nailed one cop and the spit + a few ferals caught up and beat me to about 40HP and bleeding. Pop a medkit, back up and reloaded, hp taking a beating. Last hurrah time, I turn around and spray at head-level and knocked down + exploded a few heads.

    Bleeding again. 30 - 20 - 15 ♥♥♥♥ why can't I stop reloading my damn AK and medkit. Done reloading, I hear slappy-feet and know a wight is near, pop the med kit, 5-3 - 8 - 10 good. Now just need to lay some lead while backing... into one of my electric fence lines... HP dropping again, and the wight landed a haymaker to my face and I drop dead.

    All for 3 loot bags which I really had zero need for lmao. It was a good run. Now just using the save to do random testing, prob just going to mess with the world editor till the next exp build. Excuse the resolution, I like my 55 FPS on horde nights lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcticPrism View Post
    You know those sealed crates that have random stuff inside like toilets? My friend and I were breaking one down together and my swing broke open the box and my friend's swing connected with what was inside.... a gas barrel. I saw it but the best reaction I could get before he blew us both up was turning around. Not really weird I guess but it was funny.
    this happened to my buddy today... we are both in pawnshop in the cashiers booth opening crates and BOOM.... im like wtf? He kinda sighed and said.... "there was a gas barrel in my crate".

    This extra hit after the candy coating is removed needs to get fixed - in the meantime, careful with those crates

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    Was breaking a wall with the pickaxe, then turned around to pick a gas barrel... that bug when it still "click" one more time (mid animation):

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