Mini Bikes & Physics & Bears A12! 07.03.15

Happy build day Survivalists,

We’ve just released Alpha 12 ‘our biggest build to date’ and I want to tell you it’s one huge mega-shit-ton of new content goodness, bug fixes and more ‘including’: A new badass vehicle system with a Mini Bike that has parts quality, storage and locking. A new sky and weather system with rain, snow, dust storms and dynamic cloudy,  clear and stormy skies, lunar cycles and blood moons. A brand new sexy humidity/height based random gen system with more natural elevations, improved poi placement, cave placement, biome border mixing and new footpaths. A new random gen mixer with full control over custom hub creation, prefabs that spawn and their probabilities.

We’ve also added dynamic ambient audio system with wind, gusts daybreak, nightfall and bloodmoon stingers. A new physics system with new zombie ragdolls, tumbling blocks and explosion impulses. A new right click action menu system with over most in-game actions. A new gun attachment system that supports flashlights. A new alternate ammo system that supports stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows as well as shotgun slugs. A new leveled loot system. A new bear enemy. Quality on bows, crossbows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing. New Graphics options including motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast and tone mapping. A new tree falling system. A new high-res acid puking hulk model. And a new crafting basics category to help players craft the most important items quickly.

Folks there is way too much in this build to summarize so read em and weep unless of course you have time to play then enjoy the hell out of this mega-build!

Also a big tip of the fedora goes out to the team who kicked some major ass on this build. I’m looking at you Joe, Eric, Jan, Robert, Favale, Ryan, Christopher, Joey, Chris, Alloc, Koji, Asia, Joel, Brian and our new testing group you guys rock! Once again this team has exceeded expectations keeping us a leader and innovator in the survival genre. And lastly congrats to Robert and Erin who just got married they have postponed their honeymoon for Alpha 12 now that’s some real Pimp dedication!

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Alpha_12_Minibike_Motion_Blur  Alpha_12_Bear_Motion_Blur

Alpha_12_Minibike_Bloodmoon  Alpha_12_Snow_Diersville

Alpha_12_Rain_Burnt_Forest  Alpha_12_Flaming_Arrow

Official Alpha 12 release notes


  • Added a new vehicle system with a craftable minibike. Players must first find and read the minibike book. Then craft a chassis and place it in the world. Next craft minibike handlebars, seat and find wheels, battery and small engine adding them to the chassis. The higher quality the parts the better gas milage, speed, protection the minibike offers. You can interact with the Chassis by pressing or holding <E> which displays available radial menu options. Drag parts into the chassis window to add them. Click on the parts names to remove them.Optionally you can find and add a shopping basket and padlock for storage and locking. Locks are invulnerable for the first version of vehicles. You can also activate the headlight with <F> and the horn with <X>. You can give zombie both large pains and ragdoll deaths if your going fast enough if you’re not they might stop you.
  • Added a new sky and weather system with rain, snow, dust storms and dynamic cloudy,  clear and stormy skies even lunar cycles with 7th night full blood moons. The system also supports new weather sky spectrums. Coming soon cold and hot weather survival.
  • A brand new sexy humidity/height based random generation system with more natural elevations, improved poi placement, improved cave placement, improved biome border mixing and footpaths that beg to be explored. It comes with a new random gen mixer that gives players full control over custom hub creation, prefabs that spawn and their probabilities. Rivers, and more lakes will come in the next build.
  • Added a new dynamic ambient audio system with wind loops, gusts, ambient oneshots, ambient loops, daybreak, nightfall and bloodmoon stingers. The system adjusts the wind based on the weather and plays the daybreak stinger at 6 am, the nightfall stinger at dusk when zombies start running and the bloodmoon stinger on full moon 7th night.
  • Added a new physics system with new zombie ragdolls, tumbling blocks and explosion impulses that throw zombies in the air. The system also drops wood, stone and metal terrain debris piles which can be used to salvage resources from physics events.
  • Added a new right click action menu that includes craft, take, drop, equip, wear, heal, eat, drink, read, examine, attach, scrap and split. From it you can quickly do a lot of actions that use to be tedious or harder to learn for new players.
  • Added a new gun attachment system that supports flashlight attachments on all firearms except the blunderbuss.
  • Added a new alternate ammo system that supports stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows as well as shotgun slugs and the supported recipes. Ammo can be loaded by right click loading new ammo type. (Alt+R) swaps to the next available ammo time in your current selected weapon.
  • Added a new leveled loot system that scales/multiples players loot chances based on their current player level, and yes, level 1 players can get flawless and rare items.
  • Added a new bear enemies that are in every biome except desert and in caves. Bears will attack both the player and zombies. Like Dogs bears have a give up time where they will only chase you so far. If you can kill one you can reap the benefits of bear meat and make charred bear, grilled bear, boiled bear and bear stew.
  • Added quality ranges on bows, crossbows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing.
  • Added the riddle of steel book which allows the player to craft steel molds in turn they can then craft new steel pickaxes, steel tipped arrows, flaming arrows and upgrade concrete blocks into steel reinforced concrete walls
  • Added a bunch of new Graphics options including motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast, tone mapping, sunshafts, grass view distance  and improved controls allowing a wide range of flexibility for users to tune the game for the visual look and performance desired. The video options menu has mouseover tooltips to guide new players in optimizing the graphics for their system.
  • Added falling trees with physics that fall after damaging them dropping their wood and crushing zombies and players if they fall on them.
  • Added a new high-res acid puking hulk model.
  • Improved crafting with a new basics crafting category at the top of the recipe list to help new players and players who just died find the most used and most important recipes quickly. Items no longer need to be crafted or cooked once to quick craft and quick cook no more required drag and drop.
  • Added a bunch of new weapon animations including punch, drink water from hands, many tools and more. Also improving  the unholster time so holstering and unholstering is much faster and more satisfying. We also changed some non-interactive hand and drop items to a burlap sack to reduce clutter and memory
  • Added new single player only game pause game feature simply hit the Escape key
  • You can now craft gravel or small rocks from destroyed stone depending on grid placement
  • Added “Set In Concrete” book to game and loot that unlocks cement molds, rebar frames, and buckets of concrete
  • Added new hidden bomb shelter location to random gen
  • Added new hidden mountain man cabin with the secret loot to the random gen snow biome
  • Added herbal antibiotics item and recipe that has to be found. Will cure dysentery and stage 1 infection
  • Added unique mountain man loot chests that contain herbal recipes
  • Added auger is now craftable from a small engine, handlebar, auger blade and auger parts unlocked by an auger schematic
  • Added realistic values to crossbow
  • Added aviator goggles to loot and protection to eyes from Aviator goggles
  • Added Loot Quality Templates to shorten time on balancing loot
  • Added damage decal to wood window and block models
  • Added pressure plate mines and recipe made from scrap metal and gunpowder
  • Added usage of ESC to go back in menu
  • Added Zombie Dog give up sound
  • Added Scrap metal armor and Iron armor can now be scrapped or melted down
  • Added blocks such as grass, furniture, and glass no longer provide stability and will not support the weight of anything
  • Added leather scrapping. Note you must know how to make leather by reading leather tanning
  • Added plant fibers can now repair plant fiber pants
  • Added Natural healing system where if the player has over 50% food he will slowly heal. A buff icon will show when you are healing.
  • Added new blue and orange concrete painted concrete pillars
  • Added tube pillars with orange stripes to the parking garage
  • Added new furniture tables to locations and wood, redwood, iron and scrap iron table recipes
  • Added ability to click on radial menu options as well as releasing <E>
  • Added recipe to make planks from wood debris
  • Added new block/item placement shader
  • Added glue and duct tape items and recipes
  • Added m136 rocket launcher back, needs anims and balance
  • Added disallowing rules for player spawning inside random gen towns
  • Added desert rock formations, and rock formations to forests and snow biomes
  • Added coal formations to snow, forests and burnt forests
  • Added crafting Icon Mouseover tooltip for icon category names
  • Added a new small yellow book icon above books the player has already read
  • Added print generic system information to log
  • Added new fog spectrums
  • Added bushes now have branch rustling sound when moving through them
  • Added glue and duct tape to the game. Glue can be made with the beaker from bones or found in loot. Duct Tape can be made from cloth and glue and also found in loot
  • Added on clients the save game folder is automatically moved to new location see new changes to saved games in the changed section
  • Added dropped, unlit version of torch
  • Added steel ingot mold
  • Added and changed hotkey shortcuts and inventory management controls
  •  RMB
    • Opens the new right click action menu
  • LMB
    • Grabs a stack of items and stick it to the mouse
    • While holding a stack in the inventory, left click will place the full stack in the slot, and right click will place just one item.
  • Shift+LMB
    • Moves the single item or full stack of items between the belt, backpack or loot container
    • If there is no loot container open and you Shift+LMB on backpack items they move to the first empty belt slot
    • If there is no loot container open and you Shift+LMB on belt items they move to the first empty backpack slot
    • If a loot container is open and you Shift+LMB on belt or backpack items they move to the first empty loot container slot
    • If you Shift+LMB on items in a loot container they go to the first empty backpack slot first then the first empty belt second if the backpack is full
  • Shift+RMB
    • Splits a stack in half and sticks it to your mouse
    • If the stack is an odd quantity, then it will leave the smaller half (for example, a stack of 7 will leave 3 items in the slot and grab 4).
    • Takes one item from a stack and sticks it to the mouse
  • LMB Add to stack
    • If you add a stack to another similar stack it will complete or fill the stack to its max capacity.



  • Changed all in game windows including player built ones are now unified to break out and plug up consistently
  • Changed degradation rate of most tools to be better on the low quality
  • Changed Day and night hordes do not spawn on day 7 blood moon intervals any more, only feral night hordes spawn on the seventh day
  • Changed Night hordes should always come at sundown and will never be delayed. Any current hordes will be disbanded
  • Changed new games at 6 am so players get maximum daylight their first day
  • Changed 24 hour cycle options adding 50 minute default and removed 240 minute option
  • Changed removed perct of night game option replacing it with Daylight length 12 hrs, 15, hrs and 18 hrs which is the new default
  • Changed Daybreak is locked to 6am always
  • Changed a lot of books have been converted into schematics that look like item with a small blueprint in the corner. Like iron armor leather armor pieces are now unlocked with individual schematics. The leather book now only locks leather creation. Many other books have been changed to individual schematics. All firearm unlocks have been converted into individual schematics. Gas cans now unlock as a schematic as well. Ammunition Nation has be removed and all individual ammo types except the 44 have been converted to schematics. The Claw hammer is now unlocked with a schematic as well as the new flaming arrows.
  • Changed increased hardness of steel
  • Changed stun rules so weapon damage and player stamina are considered
  • Changed deleted unused tree and bush assets
  • Changed updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed low end of mp5 damage was too low
  • Changed dressers have a greater chance to drop clothing
  • Changed cobblestones are now made from small rocks and lumps of clay
  • Changed increased player run speed
  • Changed Animal spawning cap for better performance
  • Changed uvs on pole1m and replaced all poles with new pole
  • Changed shopping baskets with no loot can be picked up and used for a mini bike storage
  • Changed experience given for zombies
  • Changed replaced cutlog block with new smooth logs
  • Changed cleaned up old grouped bushes that looked bad
  • Changed Iron pickaxe does half the damage it did against stone and metal
  • Changed increased spawning of roaming hordes
  • Changed rebalancing pass for player xp
  • Changed switched bear, stag, pig and rabbit to use the standard shader
  • Changed thickened grass in forest, pine forest and plains
  • Changed Metal strips can now repair mining helmets
  • Changed increased probability of finding pants
  • Changed Gore blocks now take longer to degrade and visibly shrink as they degrade
  • Changed updated the terrain stone, forest ground and grass textures
  • Changed lowered cave count per biome, gravel path count per cave path, lowered ore path count per gravel path
  • Changed thirst stage 2 now causes health damage
  • Changed did a wooden frame 4 pane window pass adding broken variants to all the prefabs that used them
  • Changed menu buttons from Exit to Quit
  • Changed cleaned up spawning.xml
  • Changed removed burnt forest ground from rubble sides
  • Changed re-enabled dog hordes
  • Changed Gore blocks fall and have no stability. Gore blocks will stick on the ground if they fall.
  • Changed Gore has several stages of destruction now
  • Changed animals in all biomes except snow and desert respawn 3x slower. In snow and desert they spawn 1.5x slower
  • Changed removed meat on a stick raw and cooked
  • Changed all boiled foods give you 5 water
  • Changed all foods now give half as much food as they used to, to compensate for the slower metabolism in A11
  • Changed in random gen deserts are more common now, and forests less common
  • Changed ladders will now support things
  • Changed placement of wood stairs is now inverted
  • Changed garage doors to be wood instead of wood_weak
  • Changed nerfed axe damage to wood
  • Changed tweaked pine forest spectrums and mood
  • Changed optimized rendering of sky and water
  • Changed some blocks/structures have too much stability
  • Changed terrain doesn’t show density on downgrades
  • Changed green wallpaper blocks now downgrade to a wood frame
  • Changed improved sandstorm effect
  • Changed thinned cacti in desert a little
  • Changed deleted block ID 780 distorted concrete from game and prefabs
  • Changed disable cubemaps when not supported for linux.  Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed removed background color schemes from groups
  • Changed moved scrap recipe button to above the output tray
  • Changed info popup to display all groups an item/block belongs to
  • Changed localization text from “Group:” to “Group(s):”
  • Changed default inventory to tab key
  • Changed radial menu now supports up to 10 possible actions with auto placement
  • Changed antibiotics only give half the wellness over time as before
  • Changed driftwood now drops trunks & removed driftwood to planks recipe since you can no longer get driftwood
  • Changed removed plant fiber torch recipe to clean up crafting menu
  • Changed removed plank recipe from trunk tips
  • Changed renamed “Furniture/Decor” to just “Decor”
  • Changed renamed weapon repair kit to repair kit as its now used to repair the minibike as well as weapons
  • Changed updated all spectrums
  • Changed disabled shadows at very low angles (performance)
  • Changed improved Mouse Wheel Scrolling in menu and in game to be more universal
  • Changed unified made new Item Hover info and Examine windows
  • Changed Gas Pumps now contain gas can loot and do not explode when shot
  • Changed Removed Iron wall recipe
  • Changed tweaked third person camera, it is now to the right of the shoulder
  • Changed all safes are locked and have to be broken into now and loot timers are reduced to 1 second
  • Changed reordered terrain blocks, most likely save games will be borked
  • Changed increased depth of snow, forest ground and grass to reduce banding of textures on hills
  • Changed snowy biome has asphalt roads again now that we have real snow that covers roads
  • Changed removed snowy cabin variants from the game and added all cabins to snowy biomes
  • Changed removed all snow from prefabs and cleaned up old blocks and textures
  • Changed removed all icicles and snowy roof blocks from all prefabs as the new snow system snows on roofs
  • Changed unified all wooden upgrade costs to 4 planks so that you cannot profit from destroyed wood
  • Changed removed ability to attack with a stick
  • Changed thinned trees in snow biomes
  • Changed audio control needs to apply before hitting “apply”
  • Changed all zombie and animal collision to be more accurate for bodies, heads, arms, legs and ragdolling
  • Changed reduced max size of towns
  • Changed: ‘giveself’ and ‘giveselfxp’ can now be executed if the user has permission eg “giveself stoneAxe 600″ or “giveselfxp 10000″ this added to player xp or drops the item at the players feet
  • Changed clay texture and clay is now a sub biome and found in patches rather than on the side of cliffs
  • Changed crafting grid mouseover Item name tip should be a smaller box without an underline
  • Changed snowy bushes and grass on 2 gas stations to normal dead ones
  • Changed improved the  Coal and Potassium nitrate texture textures and there tiling
  • Changed Increased probability of getting sporting gear from shotgun messiah and added green plaid shirt to loot
  • Changed increased chance of clothes in dressers
  • Changed created new high res art for yucca and aloe plants
  • Changed lowered stamina use of stone axe
  • Changed air drops drop more stuff
  • Changed updated selectable loot respawn game options: Disabled, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50, default is 30 days
  • Changed mailboxes and lockers have readable books instead of just junk books & junk books are now mixed in with good book loot
  • Changed stack limit of clay lump to 250
  • Changed bookstore loot containers have 0-1 books, household book shelves have 0-2 books
  • Changed Screenshots (F9) now save out jpg’s
  • Changed rebalanced clubs, they are more effective at low quality levels but wear out faster
  • Changed lowered entity damage on lower quality stone axes
  • Changed renamed home maintenance book to hammer schematic and changed art
  • Changed wrench can no longer be crafted (Might add this back in later)
  • Changed changed weight of short shotgun barrel 8 oz
  • Changed Chat box and text no longer renders in front of other menus
  • Changed orange drywall texture less saturated
  • Changed the save game folder for the game
    • Old folders:
      • Windows: <User>/Documents/7 Days To Die
      • Linux/MacOS: <User>/7 Days To Die
    • New Folders:
      • Windows: <User>/AppData/Roaming/7DaysToDie (%APPDATA%/7DaysToDie in the Windows run dialog or explorer address bar)
      • Linux: <User>/.local/share/7DaysToDie
      • MacOS: <User>/Library/Application Support/7DaysToDie


  • Fixed wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed Max model icons look wrong
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed mixed concrete cannot be scraped into metal
  • Fixed splints can now be burned
  • Fixed material types on all cobblestones giving them proper durability and stability
  • Fixed you can now scrap flashlights
  • Fixed yucca/aloe plant placement shader (white outlines)
  • Fixed spikes taking damage when placed
  • Fixed sideways smoke stack on 5 floor apartment
  • Fixed Crafting Dupe bug
  • Fixed Disassemble Ammo Exploit
  • Fixed wrongly rotated trash in modern house
  • Fixed alpha specular on terrain grass texture
  • Fixed Kick message window can be closed by ESC
  • Fixed repair on many misc clothing and armor items
  • Fixed tweaked loot of fat zombies and many items
  • Fixed problem with expanded char set
  • Fixed haybales have no sound when destroyed by pickaxe
  • Fixed bug where people could craft Shotgun Stocks without reading the book
  • Fixed dupe bug multiple people picking up item
  • Fixed single player games only saving data on quit now they save on regular intervals
  • Fixed final stage gore blocks are unable to be broken
  • Fixed buffs losing their effects on logout but staying ‘active’
  • Fixed rebar frames are now gated by set in concrete book
  • Fixed inside wood corner frames don’t drop scrap iron
  • Fixed video resolution selection texts overlapping
  • Fixed airdrops and crates not rendering at far distances
  • Fixed key assignment always fires the event for the key you want to assign AND mouse-directions as button
  • Fixed cutout objects (eg. WoodFrame) get damage decals now
  • Fixed God ray intensity matches fog now
  • Fixed Block’s Pickup Target not properly instantiating quality based items
  • Fixed recipes unlocked via book transfer from game to new game
  • Fixed Items in crafting grid lost on disconnect
  • Fixed breaking down now does not kick from output on inventory close
  • Fixed Gun Crafting exploit
  • Fixed server does not remember password in save game on p2p
  • Fixed Mining helmet light sways dramatically when you have a item in hand
  • Fixed Mining helmet has no flashlight
  • Fixed Character Creation Screen is bugged
  • Fixed exploit moving items from local game to server
  • Fixed exploit armor/clothing follows a player from SP to server, server to server and SP to
  • Fixed water destroys secure chests
  • Fixed Azalea plant from making wood footstep sounds
  • Fixed NRefs with food
  • Fixed  buffs now seem to work properly
  • Fixed losing overflow items in campfires/forges
  • Fixed belt is accessible when hitting escape
  • Fixed another missing chunks problem
  • Fixed concreteReinforced doesn’t drop itself when downgraded
  • Fixed fall damage is too low
  • Fixed another Broken leg bug and breaking leg while swimming bugs
  • Fixed Bad billboard textures on MaintainPineDead trees
  • Fixed All hunting rifle parts can be scrapped
  • Fixed the UFPS bug that allowed the ability to crouch through 1 meter holes. Although it felt cool was not by design and counter to a true survivalist game
  • Fixed invisible ghost tree bug
  • Fixed the ability to open backpacks and other in game menu  items while in the game menu
  • Fixed Null Ref when trying to fill damaged cobblestone frame with cobblestone(Robert)
  • Fixed bug where other players can hear you learning
  • Fixed missing home maintenance book
  • Fixed ladder placement in ranch style house so players can get up them
  • Fixed barn_01 from falling by moving hay bales
  • Fixed wrongly rotated light pole bases
  • Fixed lack of bird nests thinned grass and increased bird nest probability
  • Fixed small rocks/resource boulders appearing in Husker Avenue houses (Navezgane)
  • Fixed ‘P’ drops the camera and lets you control the character when in dev mode
  • Fixed car tooltip not showing vehicle as empty when looted
  • Fixed scroll wheel scrap Weapon/ammo dupe exploit
  • Fixed long item name text renders behind item icons
  • Fixed 1/4 and 1/8 concrete blocks behave like glass
  • Fixed wrongly rotated attic blocks in yellow house
  • Fixed planted mountain pine trees display A11 trees not a10 legacy trees
  • Fixed shotgun parts can be scrapped
  • Fixed spider zombie can now summon hordes again
  • Fixed AI can spin on broken resource rocks and gore rib cages
  • Fixed Disallow player spawning in towns
  • Fixed POI spawned too high and drops metal beams
  • Fixed returning to a game Toolbelt always reverts to slot 1 on rejoin
  • Fixed bear rug cabin floor so it doesn’t fall

Serverconfig.xml, Multiplayer and Modding

  • Changed server executable name to 7DaysToDieServer(.exe, .app, .x86), 7DaysToDie_Data folder changed name accordingly
  • Changed Default save game folder (see changed section). If the current serveradmin.xml is to be kept make sure to move it over to the new location or explicitly specify a SaveGameFolder in the serverconfig.xml
  • Changed times in serveradmin.xml and players.xml are always saved in the fixed format “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss”
  • Fixed command execution without delays over command (“Telnet”) interface
  • Added custom item icon loading from mods
  • Changed 24 hour cycle menu options adding 50 minute default and removed 240 minute option
  • Changed removed NightPercentage game option replacing it with DayLightLength, menu options 12 hrs, 15 hrs and 18 hrs with 18 being the default
  • Modded server XMLs are now correctly transferred to clients (excluding those required server side only: biomes, rwgmixer, spawning)

Known Issues

  • Snow might appear in the desert/burnt_forest if you’re viewing it from a biome with snow; and may fade out when you enter the hotter biome.
  • If you’re having framerate issues drop your reflection quality to low or off and turn off reflected shadows
  • Occasionally roads will go on unexpected paths under buildings

New Alpha 12 Preview Video 06.25.15

Hey Survivalists,
Our team is working really hard fixing bugs and tweaking gameplay but our good buddy Madmole took a little time off from work to make a new Video showing off some of the great new features our team has added into our soon to be released Alpha 12. This build is a monster build folks!

Enjoy and you stay cool
The Fun Pimps

A11.6 hotfix part duex! 06.14.15

Hey Survivalists,
good news our good buddy Joe worked overtime this weekend to fix several of the highly reported broken leg bugs. This is a client only fix and the build number is the same.

You stay cool!
The Fun Pimps

A11.6 Patch is out! 06.12.15

Howdy Survivalists,

we’re busy working on alpha 12 but have some highly requested fixes for you today!

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Alpha 11.6 Release Notes


  • Fixed a problem that chunks do not draw on clients sometimes. This only affects clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a problem that biome spawned zombies sometimes stopped spawning.
  • Fixed fall damage was set too low
  • Fixed several random Broken leg bugs
  • Fixed supply crates and planes not visible in some cases

A11.5 patch and A12 Status! 05.28.15

Nǐ hǎo! Survivalists,
For the skinny on the Alpha 11.5 patch fix notes, and the Alpha 12 Development Status update read on!


Alpha 11.5 Release Notes

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.


  • Added loading information output on startup so users know the game is still loading


  • Changed improved loading time for clients with 5 or more GB of RAM
  • Changed Dedicated server write less data to disk resulting in performance gains with more players
  • Changed Improved dedicated server CPU usage


  • Fixed serverside EAC connection so it doesn’t stop authenticating players after a long uptime
  • Fixed the Bleeding debuff exploit
  • Fixed Wood log spikes are taking damage when placed
  • Fixed bug where rockets deal terrain damage if they hit a zed/player
  • Fixed bug where pipebombs make doors move

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced

Alpha 12 and Development Status

We know you all can’t wait to get your hands on Alpha 12 and we’re working as hard as we can to deliver it to you. We can’t promise a date yet but we can give you a little more info on what’s being worked on. Folks there’s a lot left off of here as the official change-list is over 15 pages long of additions, improvements and fixes.


  • Our first vehicle the mini bike is going in and it supports quality range, storage and locking. Its going ot be awesome.

New Right Click Action Menu

  • We have spent a lot of time on a new right click menu that supports actions of take, craft, drop, equip, wear, heal, eat, drink, read, examine, scrap split and we’re working on more its contextual per item so it sorts out only supported actions per items.

Level Loot

  • A full balancing pass has been done on leveled loot and yes you can find rare items at level one.

Gun Attachments

  • Our first version of gun attachments is in and it supports flashlight attachments on all firearms except the blunderbuss. Simply place the gun on the output tray and you’ll see where the flashlight goes.

New ragdoll and block physics

  • We’ve added a new custom ragdoll solution which works great on zombies and animals as well as a new blocks physics so blocks tumble and fall and turn into stone or wood rubble.

Quality System 2.0

  • Crossbows, bows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing now have now have quality ranges and we’re working on giving clothing attributes.

Alternate Ammo

  • We’ve added support for alternate ammo and have added stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows. We’re working out a design for High Velocity rounds so it could make it into A12 as well.


  • We’ve added a bear to the game and it’s pretty terrifying almost as fast as a dog but does more damage. Please don’t feed the bears.

New Sky and Weather

  • We’ve added a new sky system that is really stunning as well as a moon that cycles between a partial moon and gets fuller with 7th day moons being full and red in color dubbed “Blood Moons” to coincide with feral zombie seventh night behaviors. We’re also working on a weather system framework that supports rain, snow, dust storms and more if all goes well you could see it and extreme weather survival soon.

New Graphics options

  • We’ve added motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast, tone mapping  and a slew of new and old graphics options controls allowing a wide range of flexibility for users to tune the game for the visual look and performance desired.


Alpha 11.4 Patch is out! 04.29.15

Olá Survivalists,
Apha 11.4 patch fix is out and here is the low down for you cave dwelling survivalists!

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.


  • Changed default back project to DX9 as some clients experienced problems with DX11
  • Changed Networking we now use both Unity and Steam in parallel. Clients try to connect with directly to IP/port with Unity Networking first and only fall back to Steam Networking if it failed. This improves networking when connecting to dedicated or for those who have port forwarding properly setup
  • Changed improved startup time by about 2.5s
  • Changed Windows dedicated server now uses its own registry key so it does not change the client’s resolution settings
  • Changed if all players disconnected the dedi clears the chunk caches
  • Changed lowered Cave count for performance
  • Changed lowered Gravel path count for performance
  • Changed lowered Ore path count for performance
  • Changed we now Allow admin/ban/kick by partial usernames


  • Fixed GUIWindowMessageBox from PlayerDenied closed when dropping to main menu
  • Fixed several dupe bugs associated with the forge and campfire
  • Fixed made a slight dedi performance improvement
  • Fixed new forge dupe bug
  • Fixed supply Crates falling through world
  • Fixed clients not showing ban message
  • Fixed Server browser would stop refreshing before connecting to server
  • Fixed kicking player on invalid arguments with Ban command
  • Fixed potential memory leak on dedi by clearing all caches when all players disconnect
  • Fixed problem where admins we’re unable to give admin rights to ex-banned users
  • Fixed Cobblestone has no downgrade textures
  • Fixed another crafting dupe bug
  • Fixed disassemble ammo exploit
  • Fixed some console command’s output going to log file instead of console
  • Fixed Check for player placed output item in crafting grid causing items to vanish


  • Serverconfig: No Telnet password by default -> connections only accepted from localhost
  • Console: Register vanilla commands first so Mods can’t break them

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced

Alpha 11.3 Patch is out! 04.17.15

Howdy Survivalists,
We’ve just released our Apha 11.3 patch fixed the worst reported user problems.

This should be compatible with saved games from 11.2  but if you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Here’s the details:


  • Added graphics option to specify grass view distance
  • Added Mouse Inversion setting now applies right away without the need of a game restart
  • Added Settings that take effect only when a game restarts are now unchangeable in-game
  • Added basic code mod interface, only loaded on the dedicated server build
  • Added new Foliage rendering distance option to help slower computers run the game


  • Changed Updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed Dedi + Client now use about 200MB less heap memory
  • Changed reduced frequency of wandering hordes
  • Changed reduced default max alive at once in hordes to improve framerate
  • Changed sisable Cubemaps when not supported.  Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed game to default  to Direct3D 11 with auto-fallback to D3D9 if D3D11 is not supported has performance gains for DirectX 11 supported cards
  • Changed Capped Animal spawning for better performance


  • Fixed Zombies passing through closed doors
  • Fixed: Block model LOD switching appears to not be functional regardless of LOD setting
  • Fixed mouse inversion broken
  • Fixed: Far clipping not setting when the game starts
  • Fixed ping display
  • Fixed Wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed colors in chat not terminated properly if multiple colors were stacked
  • Fixed Terrain generator caching
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed new model shape icons like the stairs looking  wrong
  • Fixed flashlight control breaking after re-connecting to a dedi server
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed arrows are made of wood instead of metal


  • New Telnet implementation which allows multiple connections at a time and should be more resilient against crashes
  • Telnet uses UTF8 encoding. If you use PuTTY to connect select “Connection Type: Raw”
  • Telnet only listening on localhost if no password is set but it does not ask for password in this case in return
  • Output of console commands is only sent to the issuer of the command, not to all connected Telnet/Web clients
  • Types of log messages shown on a Telnet / Web connection can be selected for each connection individually with the “loglevel” command
  • Commands support double-quoted strings now, in order to use a double quote within such a quote use two quotes (e.g. say “Hello “”people”””)
  • Added new console commands (getgameprefs, gettime, kill, listplayerids, loglevel, version)
  • Commands rewritten (admin, ban, commandpermission, kick, settime, whitelist; use help <command> to see new/changed features)
  • Commands buff/debuff working on clients in multiplayer
  • Console help command extended by detailed help on single commands, some commands got that help texts added now


Known Issues

  • There are still a number of known duplication bugs please be patient as we will resolve these as soon as possible

11.2 b4 Hotfix is now live! 04.10.15

Guten tag mein freunde!

We’ve been troubleshooting the issues with Mac and Linux not loading and have fixed the issue. We used a new loading function in the first set of builds and it causes the program to crash on many Mac systems. We have not tested this on Linux because the systems we have loaded the first set on worked fine. If you are on Linux and are still having issues, please let me know in this thread. We reverted to the old (11.1) loading system until we can get in and debug it fully. This change will not affect anyone’s saves or what have you, it’s a simple pre-game change. However, there was a small change to the RWGmixer XML that got added from yesterdays patch, so you MAY have some generation issues. I highly doubt it, but just covering the bases here gents.
Please go ahead and download it and get back into the game!

Thanks for your patience guys.

Alpha 11.2 Patch is out! 04.09.15

Hey Survivalists,
We’re serving up an Alpha 11.2 patch today that has many user requested fixes and improvements. Read on to get the skinny.

This should be compatible with saved game but if you experience any problems please re-install the game and start a brand new game.


  • Added physics to wooden bow arrows
  • Added new Vsync option added to the graphics menu
  • Added new video options mouse over tooltips to explain the various rendering options and their impact on performance
  • Added RWG draw time optimizations
  • Added new Exposed BiomeCacheSize property to rwgmixer.xml


  • Changed increased shotgun block damage and reduced blunderbuss block damage to match
  • Changed fixed biome masking so zombies don’t spawn at night if you have cleared the area during the day or vise versa
  • Changed reduced assets loading at game start fixes 32 bit users crashing at start bug
  • Changed scrap metal block into scrap metal pile
  • Changed Navezgane’s “city” spectrums to use the forest spectrum
  • Changed deleted unused spectrums
  • Changed lessened plains fog
  • Changed improved granite specular
  • Changed increased damage on mp5
  • Changed Video options defaults to a lower setting to support new players with low to mid range systems. Default Video options are as follows: view distance of 7, 50% LOD, FOV 60, textures on quarter, trees on medium, and everything else on low/off.
  • Changed set new patches or newly downloaded games to launch in minimal deafault graphic settings
  • Changed: Infection stage 1 doesn’t lower your stamina as much
  • Changed: Food poisoning doesn’t lower wellness so much
  • Changed loading screen is now faster
  • Changed reduced  leaning/swaying while crouched
  • Changed deserts to be slightly (5%) more common (Robert)
  • Changed standardized the options menu buttons video, audio and control options to have 4 buttons ok, cancel apply and default
  • Changed improved client rendering performance with camera code



  • Fixed single Player inventory migrating to Server bug
  • Fixed town block/biome edge distance check causing them to not spawn. You should see more towns and roadside rural locations in the random gen world
  • Fixed explosion damage not working
  • Fixed Voice Chat debugging output in a release build
  • Fixed “Inventory full” Duplication bug
  • Fixed large wood log spike’s collider size and player damage
  • Fixed dedi stops spawning zombies bug
  • Fixed weights on various items using new auto calc weight feature
  • Fixed Auto calc weight for rebar frames and blunderbuss
  • Fixed zombies spawning with negative y-coords
  • Fixed spawning and breaking your legs bugs


Known Issues

  • Known issues option menu changes have reset all settings including graphics, audio and key bindings are now default

Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out! 04.04.15

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out fixing some of the worst reported problems. Note: We thank the community for their patience and are aware folk’s performance is all over the place and are working on more performance enhancements and video options to accommodate our communities diverse hardware setups. Rest assured the pimps won’t sleep until everyone can play this build.

You Stay Cool
The Fun Pimps

  • Fixed problem when a player logs off a server and closes the game it crashes
  • Fixed repairing of part based weapons not repairing all items correctly
  • Changed spacing for all trees to reduce fill rate for performance reasons
  • Changed cleaned out legacy animations for memory
  • Changed lowered dog chase give Up Time to 18 seconds
  • Fixed: serveradmin.xml created no start if not existing
  • Reduced chance for sharing violation while saving Player Stat to occur
  • Added screen space ambient occlusion video option
  • Changed reduced grass thickness in forests and plains for performance. Decorate last with grass to ensure loot gets placed
  • Changed Increased crafting xp on all items
  • Added quality range to stone shovel and hunting knife
  • Note that since A11 the port 26900/TCP (or whatever you set the ServerPort to) has to be opened in your firewall in addition to 26901/UDP and 26902/UDP.