Mischief Maker Usage

Hey Survivors,

The Mischief Maker Twitch Extension has been monetized by Mischief Maker in a way that is non-compliant with our EULA and therefore results in a copyright infringement of 7 Days to Die by those who use the extension and by Mischief Maker.  

Mischief Maker received written legal notice of the copyright infringement and EULA non-compliance several days before Fun Pimps took action to take down infringing streams using the Mischief Maker Extension.

Anyone who streams through Twitch using the illegal Mischief Maker Extension will be risking a DMCA takedown as well.

The Fun Pimps have always welcomed Mods to 7 Days to Die that do not illegally monetize the game and will continue to permit streaming or video creation on any platform that does not violate our EULA.

The Fun Pimps