A21 Streamer Weekend

Hey Survivors,
We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 21 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 190 streamers from 34 countries.

We will be running the Streamer Weekend event from Friday, June 9th starting at 12 pm CST through Sunday, June 11th. Expect a public experimental to follow sometime Monday afternoon June 12th.

Many will be streaming all weekend and giving away Free Game Keys. Check their channels for their upcoming weekend schedules. These are being broadcast in many languages so scroll down to find yours.

A21 Official Release Notes

ActualAzza Australia, English
AzzaFortysix Australia, English
JaWoodle Australia, English
Patrol Nation Australia, English
Viktoriahhh Australia, English

Danu Thuata Austria, German

Azghaaar Belgium, French

Andarilho Brazil, Portuguese
LeoRobertGames Brazil, Portuguese
Zeca Sobrevivente Brazil, Portuguese

CrypticFox Canada East, English
DaphyDuck91 (Not-A-Gamer-Gaming) Canada East, English
GameEdged Canada, English
Genosis Canada, English
KillClynton Canada, English
LittleMonstersTV Canada, English
Lumynestra Canada, English
Nakatron Canada, English
Ottomatik_Gaming Canada, English
Skippy0330 Canada, English
xSgtPepperx Canada, English

J.C.’s Channel Chile, English

Dove.K China, Chinese
huannan5300 China, Chinese
Kevin233 China, Chinese
Survive Survival (生生存存) China, Chinese

CallunaSpitfire Croatia, English

KatsPurr Finland, English
Rasite Finland, Finnish

Franck Miller France, French
Hardstyler France, French
jackplay14 France, French
Tatastrophe France, French
Timour France, French

Cornelius Germany, German
DerValiser Germany, German
EdesLetsPlays Germany, German
Hirnsturz Germany, German
Jack Fleischhammer Germany, German
MrHelm Germany, German
RoyaleWithCheese Germany, English
SolanumForte Germany, English
STENGERTgaming Germany, German
Wautscher Germany, German
ZargoZ Germany, German
ZombyraLive Germany, German
Zoochamp Germany, German/English

iliasGaming Greece, Greek

DerAva Ireland, English
Games4kickz Ireland, English

Aki Piyo (あきピヨ) Japan, Japanese
ibaken-GAMEチャンネル Japan, Japanese
Marugame (まるのゲーム実況チャンネル) Japan, Japanese
Merci Games (めるしーげーむず) Japan, Japanese
MisutoM (ミスト) Japan, English
oukami2929 (おうかみ) Japan, Japanese
Peko P (ぺこP) Japan, Japanese
Play Without Study (勉強ばっかりしてないで) Japan, Japanese
Rokugen san (ろくげんさん) Japan, Japanese
ryo1 game/ゲームチャンネル Japan, Japanese
sanocci_TV (さのっちTV) Japan, Japanese
Survival Gamer Rider (サバイバル系ゲーマーのライダー) Japan, Japanese
Urakage (裏影Projectチャンネル) Japan, Japanese
Yakkyo (やっきょう) Japan, Japanese
Yukkuri com san (ゆっくりこむさん) Japan, Japanese

Kornelius Briedis (forger) Latvia, English

Nadezhi Mexico, Spanish

DD1GG Netherlands, English

NordicRoad Norway, English
SparkleGG Norway, English

Sztakier Poland, Polish

Games’n’Grumble Russia, Russian
Krabo Land Games Russia, Russian
Mr Aleks JackSoN Russia, Russian
Novak1N (Новак) Russia, Russian

Vedui42 Singapore, English

South Africa
JeansGaming South Africa, English
Mr.Reach South Africa, English
OtterLady South Africa, English
SnowBee South Africa, English
Zaffageek South Africa, English

BuckFerndandez Spain, Spanish
charlisin46 Spain, Spanish
Duvries Spain, Spanish
MenosTrece Spain, Spanish
Psiko9000 Spain, Spanish
TekjaGameplays Spain, Spanish
The other galaxy Spain, Spanish
Xacbert 00 Spain, Spanish

Jonah Birch Sweden, English

Namsaknoi (Salty Zombies) Thailand, English

Gangsta Gamer UK, English
Grumbul UK, English
HixxyDubz UK, English
Khaines Korner UK, English
Kraken85 UK, English
Mother0fChickens UK, English
Primate UK, English
Quagmire1428 UK, English
Spanj UK, English
Virtual Farmer UK, English
ZippyTurnip UK, English

Survager Ukraine, Russian

AQuinnie USA, English
Arrican USA, English
Atheenon USA West, English
Aungelecette USA West, English
AviaryLaw USA East, English
Ayreframer USA Central, English
Azillian USA, English
Babzyjae USA, English
BadAimAbby USA, English
Banlish USA, English
BeetleBomb USA West, English
Bittywood USA, English
BlinkBlinkGames USA, English
Blitzfire911 USA, English
BrandyNicole USA, English
CapCorgi USA, English
Capp00 USA Central, English
Casketman20 USA Central, English
CBThaGreat USA East, English
CoinFuryTV USA East, English
Colonel_Frosty USA, English
Combat Nursing USA, English
Copendub USA East, English
Cuda87 USA, English
Danny (TGG) USA, English
DeeSimsYT USA East, English
Ditch USA East, English
EvanAndKatelyn USA Central, English
FailChildJo USA, English
FatalSeductions USA, English
FknMiracles USA, English
Flip_Switch USA West, English
GameSocietyPimps USA, English
Girlthulhu_ USA East, English
Glock9 USA, English
Grabbys USA West, English
GranddaddyGamer USA, English
GrandSpartan USA, English
GunninGamerz USA, English
GunsNerdsSteel USA East, English
HinukanYT USA East, English
HolyXDD USA West, English
ItsEye USA, English
Jason Bulmahn USA West, English
JBMagic USA East, English
justkingdion USA, English
Kage848 USA, English
KardinalZyn USA East, English
kic Gaming USA West, English
KillJoyJessica USA, English
KillshotKitty USA, English
Kismet USA East, English
Kyoslilmonster USA, English
LaurenTheShort USA West, English
LeksiW USA Central, English
LMG USA, English
LuminariaRayne USA, English
Luuva USA Central, English
lyelye25 USA, English
MikeNaiders USA East, English
MistermooseGaming USA Central, English
Miz Tracey USA, English
Mockjay_ USA, English
More2Me4Life USA East, English
Mz_Flexx USA, English
Mz_KoNFliKTeD USA, English
Nerdlette Gaming USA, English
NikachuRay USA East, English
ONE_shot_GURL USA East, English
OwliesaurusRex USA, English
PakrNinja USA Central, English
Papa SmAXE USA, English
PapaNox USA East, English
Park_Jom USA, English
PartiallyRoyal USA, English
pbmack36 USA East, English
PokketNinja USA Central, English
ProLikeChro USA Central, English
Qb1Junkie USA West, English
Remedy89 USA, English
Saven’s World USA Central, English
Scarlett_Ivy_5 USA, English
ShadowFox USA, English
SippyTango USA Central, English
Spartan-85 USA, English
Starsnipe USA Central, English
SunBunnie888 USA East, English
TBFGaming USA, English
th3BeardedBaron USA, English
thatGrandma USA, English
TheLastSeahorse USA West, English
TheOrigamiGuru USA West, English
Trivia Rose USA, English
umshelby USA, English
USS_Sully USA, English
Venttex USA Central, English
WaywardEko USA, English
WhosGamingNow USA, English
Zanthyst Gaming USA West, English