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Alpha 11.4 Patch is out! 04.29.15

Olá Survivalists,
Apha 11.4 patch fix is out and here is the low down for you cave dwelling survivalists!

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.


  • Changed default back project to DX9 as some clients experienced problems with DX11
  • Changed Networking we now use both Unity and Steam in parallel. Clients try to connect with directly to IP/port with Unity Networking first and only fall back to Steam Networking if it failed. This improves networking when connecting to dedicated or for those who have port forwarding properly setup
  • Changed improved startup time by about 2.5s
  • Changed Windows dedicated server now uses its own registry key so it does not change the client’s resolution settings
  • Changed if all players disconnected the dedi clears the chunk caches
  • Changed lowered Cave count for performance
  • Changed lowered Gravel path count for performance
  • Changed lowered Ore path count for performance
  • Changed we now Allow admin/ban/kick by partial usernames


  • Fixed GUIWindowMessageBox from PlayerDenied closed when dropping to main menu
  • Fixed several dupe bugs associated with the forge and campfire
  • Fixed made a slight dedi performance improvement
  • Fixed new forge dupe bug
  • Fixed supply Crates falling through world
  • Fixed clients not showing ban message
  • Fixed Server browser would stop refreshing before connecting to server
  • Fixed kicking player on invalid arguments with Ban command
  • Fixed potential memory leak on dedi by clearing all caches when all players disconnect
  • Fixed problem where admins we’re unable to give admin rights to ex-banned users
  • Fixed Cobblestone has no downgrade textures
  • Fixed another crafting dupe bug
  • Fixed disassemble ammo exploit
  • Fixed some console command’s output going to log file instead of console
  • Fixed Check for player placed output item in crafting grid causing items to vanish


  • Serverconfig: No Telnet password by default -> connections only accepted from localhost
  • Console: Register vanilla commands first so Mods can’t break them

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced

Alpha 11.3 Patch is out! 04.17.15

Howdy Survivalists,
We’ve just released our Apha 11.3 patch fixed the worst reported user problems.

This should be compatible with saved games from 11.2  but if you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Here’s the details:


  • Added graphics option to specify grass view distance
  • Added Mouse Inversion setting now applies right away without the need of a game restart
  • Added Settings that take effect only when a game restarts are now unchangeable in-game
  • Added basic code mod interface, only loaded on the dedicated server build
  • Added new Foliage rendering distance option to help slower computers run the game


  • Changed Updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed Dedi + Client now use about 200MB less heap memory
  • Changed reduced frequency of wandering hordes
  • Changed reduced default max alive at once in hordes to improve framerate
  • Changed sisable Cubemaps when not supported.  Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed game to default  to Direct3D 11 with auto-fallback to D3D9 if D3D11 is not supported has performance gains for DirectX 11 supported cards
  • Changed Capped Animal spawning for better performance


  • Fixed Zombies passing through closed doors
  • Fixed: Block model LOD switching appears to not be functional regardless of LOD setting
  • Fixed mouse inversion broken
  • Fixed: Far clipping not setting when the game starts
  • Fixed ping display
  • Fixed Wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed colors in chat not terminated properly if multiple colors were stacked
  • Fixed Terrain generator caching
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed new model shape icons like the stairs looking  wrong
  • Fixed flashlight control breaking after re-connecting to a dedi server
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed arrows are made of wood instead of metal


  • New Telnet implementation which allows multiple connections at a time and should be more resilient against crashes
  • Telnet uses UTF8 encoding. If you use PuTTY to connect select “Connection Type: Raw”
  • Telnet only listening on localhost if no password is set but it does not ask for password in this case in return
  • Output of console commands is only sent to the issuer of the command, not to all connected Telnet/Web clients
  • Types of log messages shown on a Telnet / Web connection can be selected for each connection individually with the “loglevel” command
  • Commands support double-quoted strings now, in order to use a double quote within such a quote use two quotes (e.g. say “Hello “”people”””)
  • Added new console commands (getgameprefs, gettime, kill, listplayerids, loglevel, version)
  • Commands rewritten (admin, ban, commandpermission, kick, settime, whitelist; use help <command> to see new/changed features)
  • Commands buff/debuff working on clients in multiplayer
  • Console help command extended by detailed help on single commands, some commands got that help texts added now


Known Issues

  • There are still a number of known duplication bugs please be patient as we will resolve these as soon as possible

11.2 b4 Hotfix is now live! 04.10.15

Guten tag mein freunde!

We’ve been troubleshooting the issues with Mac and Linux not loading and have fixed the issue. We used a new loading function in the first set of builds and it causes the program to crash on many Mac systems. We have not tested this on Linux because the systems we have loaded the first set on worked fine. If you are on Linux and are still having issues, please let me know in this thread. We reverted to the old (11.1) loading system until we can get in and debug it fully. This change will not affect anyone’s saves or what have you, it’s a simple pre-game change. However, there was a small change to the RWGmixer XML that got added from yesterdays patch, so you MAY have some generation issues. I highly doubt it, but just covering the bases here gents.
Please go ahead and download it and get back into the game!

Thanks for your patience guys.

Alpha 11.2 Patch is out! 04.09.15

Hey Survivalists,
We’re serving up an Alpha 11.2 patch today that has many user requested fixes and improvements. Read on to get the skinny.

This should be compatible with saved game but if you experience any problems please re-install the game and start a brand new game.


  • Added physics to wooden bow arrows
  • Added new Vsync option added to the graphics menu
  • Added new video options mouse over tooltips to explain the various rendering options and their impact on performance
  • Added RWG draw time optimizations
  • Added new Exposed BiomeCacheSize property to rwgmixer.xml


  • Changed increased shotgun block damage and reduced blunderbuss block damage to match
  • Changed fixed biome masking so zombies don’t spawn at night if you have cleared the area during the day or vise versa
  • Changed reduced assets loading at game start fixes 32 bit users crashing at start bug
  • Changed scrap metal block into scrap metal pile
  • Changed Navezgane’s “city” spectrums to use the forest spectrum
  • Changed deleted unused spectrums
  • Changed lessened plains fog
  • Changed improved granite specular
  • Changed increased damage on mp5
  • Changed Video options defaults to a lower setting to support new players with low to mid range systems. Default Video options are as follows: view distance of 7, 50% LOD, FOV 60, textures on quarter, trees on medium, and everything else on low/off.
  • Changed set new patches or newly downloaded games to launch in minimal deafault graphic settings
  • Changed: Infection stage 1 doesn’t lower your stamina as much
  • Changed: Food poisoning doesn’t lower wellness so much
  • Changed loading screen is now faster
  • Changed reduced  leaning/swaying while crouched
  • Changed deserts to be slightly (5%) more common (Robert)
  • Changed standardized the options menu buttons video, audio and control options to have 4 buttons ok, cancel apply and default
  • Changed improved client rendering performance with camera code



  • Fixed single Player inventory migrating to Server bug
  • Fixed town block/biome edge distance check causing them to not spawn. You should see more towns and roadside rural locations in the random gen world
  • Fixed explosion damage not working
  • Fixed Voice Chat debugging output in a release build
  • Fixed “Inventory full” Duplication bug
  • Fixed large wood log spike’s collider size and player damage
  • Fixed dedi stops spawning zombies bug
  • Fixed weights on various items using new auto calc weight feature
  • Fixed Auto calc weight for rebar frames and blunderbuss
  • Fixed zombies spawning with negative y-coords
  • Fixed spawning and breaking your legs bugs


Known Issues

  • Known issues option menu changes have reset all settings including graphics, audio and key bindings are now default

Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out! 04.04.15

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out fixing some of the worst reported problems. Note: We thank the community for their patience and are aware folk’s performance is all over the place and are working on more performance enhancements and video options to accommodate our communities diverse hardware setups. Rest assured the pimps won’t sleep until everyone can play this build.

You Stay Cool
The Fun Pimps

  • Fixed problem when a player logs off a server and closes the game it crashes
  • Fixed repairing of part based weapons not repairing all items correctly
  • Changed spacing for all trees to reduce fill rate for performance reasons
  • Changed cleaned out legacy animations for memory
  • Changed lowered dog chase give Up Time to 18 seconds
  • Fixed: serveradmin.xml created no start if not existing
  • Reduced chance for sharing violation while saving Player Stat to occur
  • Added screen space ambient occlusion video option
  • Changed reduced grass thickness in forests and plains for performance. Decorate last with grass to ensure loot gets placed
  • Changed Increased crafting xp on all items
  • Added quality range to stone shovel and hunting knife
  • Note that since A11 the port 26900/TCP (or whatever you set the ServerPort to) has to be opened in your firewall in addition to 26901/UDP and 26902/UDP.

Alpha 11 Annihilation Release is out! 04.02.15

Konnichiwa Survivalists,
Alpha 11 code named “Annihilation Release” is out and it’s by far our biggest releases to date!

The feature rich Annihilation update includes: Unity 5 with new standard shader reflection probes, , new ambient occlusion, new fog, new speed tree system, new sky system, new steam networking, new quality range system for guns, weapons, tools and armor, new gore block system, new player leveling system with crafting quality bonuses, random gen improvements with caves, roads on hills, new rivers, new bridges, and a new RG mixer xml, new high res zombies including feral, spider burnt, new blunderbuss muzzle loader and primitive bow, new high res first person hands and animations, many new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new larger bookstore, new larger hardware store, 2 new luxury cabins and an Indian burial ground. This is just some of the new features, content, improvements and bug fixes we’ve added.

Folks this is by far the largest update to date and as Mr. T use to say “I pity the fool” that don’t try this build. This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Also there is a known issue that dedicated servers randomly crash when clients disconnect we’re still trying reproduce this problem.

Also if you are not getting the performance you’d hoped turn down chunk distance, tree quality, reflection quality and reflection distance and you should be able to achieve a better look and performance than Alpha 10.4

For a complete list of Alpha 11 release notes I pity the fool who don`t read it! It`s gonna be pure gold!

Official Alpha 11 Release Notes


  • Added Unity 5 with many of its newer bells and whistles
  • Added new Steam networking and server browser enhancements
  • Added new Speedtree system with brand new gorgeous trees and bushes. The fidelity of the trees can be adjusted for quality and performance in menu/options/video/tree quality.
  • Added Unity 5’s global physical based shader system and refined all the art to take advantage of it. The fidelity of the system can be adjusted for quality and performance in the menu/options/video under reflection quality and reflection distance.
  • Added our own Screen Space ambient occlusion system that gives everything better shadows and weight and darkens caves and interiors
  • Added our own new water reflection that interacts with the standard shader
  • Added our own new custom high res better looking fog
  • Added new high res sky system with stars that can appear on clearer nights
  • Added a new quality range system for guns. The system allows players to find gun parts of varying quality ranges. The parts have 7 quality ranges with colored degradation bars including grey broken, brown faulty, orange poor, yellow good, green fine, blue great, and magenta flawless. Once the player collects enough parts and has read the right gun book unlocking a recipe he can assemble a working gun. The average quality of all the parts determines the quality of the assembled weapon. The parts themselves govern attributes like damage, accuracy, degradation rate, penetration, falloff range and in the future zoom level and knockback strength. This will allow for thousands of permutations of guns like a realistic Borderlands
  • Added the new item quality range system for tools, melee weapons and armor. Bow, crossbow, wrench, hammer nail gun, chainsaw, auger and clothing will come in a future update.
  • Added new player leveling system. The system increase your chances to craft higher quality ranged items at higher levels with +/- 50 degree of random quality. The system is basic a precursor to skill trees. The player currently will earn XP for activities like killing zombies, unlocking new recipes and crafting new recipes for the first time.
  • Added new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new larger bookstore, new larger hardware store, 2 new luxury cabins and an indian burial ground. Note some of these are Navezgane only and some are random gen only
  • Added new random gen underground cave system, new random gen roads on hills, new random gen biome transition dithering, improved random gen rivers, improved bridges over rivers
  • Added new high res first person hands and first person animations
  • Added new first person procedural camera system with procedurally based physics and inertia
  • Added new player safe zones set in the serverconfig.xml. The safe zones disable zombies in chunks for 5 in game hours if you don’t have a sleeping bag and are level 5 or under
  • Added new smoother iron sights system
  • Added new craftable primitive blunderbuss single shot primitive muzzle loader gun and blunderbuss ammo
  • Added new craftable new primitive bow and arrows
  • Added rare Tazas Stone Axe weapon which can be found in new rare Apache Artifacts Chests in caves and in indian burial grounds
  • Added new feral zombie to the game which has a chance for gun loot if you kill him
  • Added new on fire burnt zombie to the game. He has a chance to catch you on fire if he hits you
  • Added Fire Buff icon to Game which can happen from players hitting you with a torch, walking on lit campfires, walking on large ember piles and from on fire zombies striking you. Submerge yourself in water to douse the fire.
  • Added new high res spider zombie to the game
  • Added new Zombie Gore Block System: corpses decompose into a bloody terrain pile which can grow if more zombies die near or on top of each other eventually live zombies will use the gore blocks to cross over your spiked pits or jump over your fort walls. If the gore blocks are left alone the will eventually biodegrade.
  • Added Items made from cloth such as clothing can now be scrapped into cloth
  • Added cobblestone ramps that upgrade and downgrade like cobblestone blocks, and recipe to make them.
  • Added wood railing recipe
  • Added health storage crate and recipe
  • Added paper scrapping from skill books
  • Added Sniper rifle schematic
  • Added Hunting Rifle book
  • Added new plains ground texture
  • Added cash register loot containers to the stores and businesses
  • Added stone shovel and recipe to the game
  • Added new primitive sod recipe used to make sod houses
  • Added unattainable books to gate all weapon part molds. Weapon part forging may appear in a future update.
  • Added insecure downgrade path to player made storage crates
  • Added recipe for flagstone and wedge flagstone
  • Added dynamite held item and new dynamite bundle placed block models
  • Added shopping cart and shopping basket loot containers found in stores and businesses
  • Added flagstone stairs and recipe
  • Added small engine and auger blade to loot
  • Added snow roads and green metal 60’s and tip blocks to the game
  • Added green metal roof gable and inside corner wedge green metal roof
  • Added snow roads to snow biomes in RWG
  • Added auger recipe
  • Added handlebars to automotive loot
  • Added tooltips to category icons in server browser
  • Added new Steam voice proximity chat please test push <v>to talk
  • Added new flashlight model replacing the old one
  • Added snow blowing/drifting effect to snow biome
  • Added blowing sand/dust to desert biomes
  • Added casino token to the loot
  • Added shamway foods cardboard box loot containers and shamway crates that require breaking
  • Added wood stairs filled block shape WIP
  • Added new pill case looting sounds
  • Added window plug centered block shapes  and unified boarding up existing windows and plywood filled windows in the world using a hammer and planks they now upgrade to one board, two boards, 3 boards and sheet metal
  • Added sportings good loot to shotgun messiah crates and reduced chance for full weapons to be found
  • Added new stalactites, moss and mushrooms to new caves
  • Added Generic Attribute system now usable on ANY item
  • Added snow zombie female sound set to the game
  • Added spider zombie sense sounds never had these in before
  • Added new iron shovel model
  • Added new sledgehammer
  • Added new system for arrows to fall with gravity
  • Added new custom burnt zombie sound set and added missing zombie sounds to the sounds mix xml
  • Added new audio mixers for impact bullet, impact general and block destroys to help with the overall mix. Note: this doesn’t fix shotguns shooting trees or chainsaw impacts overloading channels but it helps
  • Added recipe for bolts and arrows from femurs
  • Added burnt embers to burnt forest
  • Added hot embers to burnt forest terrain texture
  • Added you can now mine burnt embers and get bits of coal
  • Added zoom to player preview
  • Added new stun rules for zombies. (If your stamina is over 50 you have a 100% chance to stun a zombie and if your stamina is 50 or below it is your stamina level x 2.
  • Added edible mushrooms found in caves
  • Added all new firearm reload sounds
  • Added new give up time for static spawned and biome spawned dogs. They will chase you for about 20 seconds and give up unless they damage you or you damage them which results in thier give up time resetting. Note horde spawned dogs will not give up.
  • Added new Steam Voice Chat integration works only in proximity of other players press<v> to talk
  • Added english.txt entries for all camel cased missing items
  • Added a mouse-over ToolTip for the level progress in the character menu


  • Changed improved wellness feedback so the size of health stamina bars reflect your current top capacity along with sounds, screen fx, tooltips and character screen info to give proper feedback
  • Changed lowest wellness bottom capacity to 50
  • Changed respawning players should have full meters of health and stamina
  • Changed stack limit on weapon repair kits increased to 50
  • Changed driftwood can no longer be picked up, but has to be chopped like a tree. It cuts down much faster though
  • Changed recipe for aloe cream now requires four aloe plants instead of one
  • Changed antibiotics only raise your wellness by 1 on consumption instead of two. They still add wellness over time
  • Changed player made concrete and cobblestone walls drop destroyed stone when broken
  • Changed sped up making plant fibers from grass
  • Changed slowed down making plant fibers from yucca
  • Changed sped up crafting of metal trussing
  • Changed sped up stick crafting and increased yield
  • Changed increased stack limit of paper to 250
  • Changed sped up gravel crafting time
  • Changed updated normal maps for storage crates
  • Changed roaming hordes now are small on day 1 and get bigger and nastier up until day 7 then the cycle restarts. On day 6 there are roaming dogs, to help cue the player that the next day will have the feral hordes coming. Day 7 roaming hordes are now full nasty ones containing cops, dogs and hornets, like the wasteland spawns use. Day 8 should restart the cycle, with roaming hordes being very small and easy
  • Changed Integrated menu into one game scene which speeds up game load times and allows video and audio options to be changed from in game now
  • Changed corpses now carry “junk” loot and gun parts and ammo
  • Changed nerfed food found in purses
  • Changed all firearms now require a book or schematic to craft
  • Changed all firearm part molds can no longer be crafted but are still in the game. They might be exposed later when skill trees are implemented.
  • Changed aligned sniper barrel icon to look better when on the crafting table
  • Changed optimized pine forest and changed spectrum
  • Changed removed spider zombies from general spawning. Now when you see them they will always be scout zombies which can summon a horde if not killed quickly
  • Changed thickened grass textures
  • Changed added new chrysanthemum texture
  • Changed pine forest has its own color spectrum
  • Changed metal shovels dig faster
  • Changed increased how much a small rock repairs a stone tool
  • Changed improved plains grass and color spectrum, adding red dawn
  • Changed optimized distance checks in all areas of random gen
  • Changed removed grass blocks from all barns so they display native terrain
  • Changed all roads in random gen snow biome use snowy road texture
  • Changed Dynamite no longer adds structural stability when placed and does not stick to walls or ceilings
  • Changed removed coal torch item
  • Changed: Minerals always survive stability crashes
  • Changed all non item data is removed from items.xml and put into the newly created misc.xml
  • Changed all of the spectrums
  • Changed the focus box on torches/candles to no longer show
  • Changed recipe of stone axe to use small stones instead of sharp stones.
  • Changed crossbow bolts use small stones instead of sharp stones
  • Changed removed sharp stone recipe, they are no longer used in the game, use small rocks instead
  • Changed all recipes using grass to use plant fibers
  • Changed removed rocket launcher from game until it can be better integrated
  • Changed now the sun now orbits realistically based on the local latitude and time of year
  • Changed made new Bookstore Bookcase thats a little less generous with book loot and thinned bookcases in both bookstores
  • Changed crossbow now requires forged metal and leather strips in its recipe
  • Changed added all ranged weapon fires to the sounds.xml and gave them full volume
  • Changed rivers to no longer have their own biome
  • Changed biome water levels to match river
  • Changed rivers now sometimes feed into biome lakes
  • Changed lowered the footstep overlay volume for the feral, snow and burnt zombies
  • Changed STATS is only written of a connection is successful
  • Changed improved wellness feedback health and stamina meters are the size of their capacity, meter added to character screen with current amount and full capacity, sound effects, gui gow and new messaging for state changes
  • Changed iron pickaxe recipe to use only 3 ingots
  • Changed riverbeds to dirt
  • Changed removed coal spots from burnt forest
  • Changed femurs have no degradation and can now be stacked to 10
  • Changed nerfed feathers in loot since you can craft more from one feather now
  • Changed removed degradation from torches and you can now stack 50 of them
  • Changed tweaked damage of stick and femur
  • Changed stone doesn’t break when falling
  • Changed hub spawn chances
  • Changed added new shotgun and sawed off shotgun sound fx. They also now play random variants
  • Changed removed tungsten from mining until we can find a good use for it
  • Changed potassium Nitrate ore only gives you 5 Potassium Nitrate Powder instead of 10
  • Changed coal ore only gives you 5 coal pieces instead of 10
  • Changed junk loot now has more stuff in it, and trash now uses junk loot so there is a greater chance of finding something good in garbage
  • Changed default spectrums have no purple and less fog
  • Changed updated light intensities for prefab lamps  brighter
  • Changed players can use the f key to toggle on one at a time mining helmet or equipped flashlights. Note: This will work with upcoming weapon flashlight attachments in A12
  • Changed Zombies now run based on sunAngle rather than “time”
  • Changed removed unused inventory tab removed from the characters inventory GUI
  • Changed reduced dogs and stags FOV from 330 to 180 they shouldn’t see you as easy now
  • Changed increased spawning in forests and desert biomes
  • Changed: Increased distance of player spawn from wasteland biome edge
  • Changed: Decreased non central wasteland hub spawning to 5%
  • Changed gun crafting times to 5 seconds since the player takes them apart frequently to do upgrades
  • Changed Stamina use for all tools and weapons is now 8 per swing
  • Changed stone axe and fire axe are worse weapons and better tools
  • Changed protection value scale to be more easily readable
  • Changed protection values to drop trailing decimal points
  • Changed logic on bow
  • Changed Reduced degradation on mp5
  • Changed reduced frequency of hungry and starving penalties and reduced how fast you die when starving
  • Changed liquids can no longer debuff players while burning. First aid kits and bandages do though.
  • Changed unified all guns now have 4 parts to recipes to work with the new gun quality system
  • Changed spike trap damage bounds and amounts for players and zombies


  • Fixed burn time on wooden stairs
  • Fixed Dog plays death animation immediately when killed, not delayed after the attack animation completes
  • Fixed Diersville Trees Drop Multiple bundles of wood
  • Fixed enforcer magazine can be converted to paper or burnt
  • Fixed zombies will now follow you down a shaft up to 20 meters deep, they should be better about finding you underground
  • Fixed reworked network communication for forge to decrease item loss and dupe bugs
  • Fixed a campfire exploit bug
  • Fixed bug where biome deco random Loot containers were rotated wrong
  • Fixed bug where sometimes if you were hit while looting: Loot timer stops but can’t move
  • Fixed various clothing items that could not be scrapped into cloth
  • Fixed spelling on vegetable stew english.txt
  • Fixed backpacks dropped in doorways cause nullref when attempting pickup
  • Fixed save games should now always match their original game mode
  • Fixed dedicated servers now default to drop nothing on quit to match default settings
  • Fixed feral mode icon in server browser at wrong position
  • Fixed servers not properly receiving client data
  • Fixed Server browser: Feral mode active icon at correct position
  • Fixed game server not shutting down when switching to main menu
  • Fixed entity draw distance to match chunk draw distance
  • Fixed Server Browser page buttons displaying wrong state when filtering for server name
  • Fixed relooting empty containers rolls loot
  • Fixed auger duplicating items on MP game
  • Fixed exception when dying/respawning
  • Fixed campfire repair exploit
  • Fixed bug if inventory full, items get lost on pickup
  • Fixed crops vanish on pickup if only free space in toolbelt
  • Fixed auto-equip destroying items
  • Fixed the seam between the curtain top and bottom halves
  • Fixed timing on zombie crawler attack
  • Fixed background of item names in recipe preview is too small
  • Fixed splitting a stack after crafting makes you lose half
  • Fixed smells work, but tooltip is wonky
  • Fixed decayed brick block models drop nothing
  • Fixed some UI textures are influenced by texture resolution settings
  • Fixed character rotation bug in Inventory UI
  • Fixed camera track offsets for both mirror and character creation
  • Fixed barbed wire does nothing
  • Fixed wood spikes don’t work most of the time
  • Fixed server pushed config files remaining loaded
  • Fixed food items with negative hydration allow for going over the hunger cap
  • Fixed can’t break down bullets
  • Fixed scrapping dupes items
  • Fixed disappearing gun part bug
  • Fixed can’t scrap cooking pots
  • Fixed learn on craft isn’t working correctly
    Fixed Cook Button resets progress of cooking
  • Fixed canned water still superstacks
  • Fixed Campfire shift click item loss
  • Fixed similar recipes (output) cloning ingredients when using craft list
  • Fixed Navezgane and random gen map info descriptions
  • Fixed persistent profile game menu description
  • Fixed iron armor can be repaired
  • Fixed floating decals
  • Fixed persistent profile game menu description
  • Fixed replacing parts in a gun loses all ammo
  • Fixed player dropped backpacks are breaking from zombies

Serverconfig.xml, Multiplayer and Modding

  • Added new playerSafeZoneTime and playerSafeZoneLevel perimeters. The default for each is 5 and here is how they behave.
    • playerSafeZoneTime= 5  Controls how many in game hours it takes for zombies to spawn in chunks around players who do not have a sleeping bag placed
    • playerSafeZoneLevel = 5  Players who are at this level or under will spawn in safe zones if they do not have a sleeping bag placed
    • If you always want safe zones set the level to 60
    • If you don’t want safe zones set both parameters to 0
    • Note players who spawn near other players will still get zombies
  • Changed default permission level for commands not explicitly given in serveradmin.xml is 0
  • Changed default permission level for users not explicitly given in serveradmin.xml is 1000
  • Changed refactored materials.xml to use new xml format
  • Changed removed serveradmin.xml, will be auto created in save game folder, and only loaded from that location
  • Added reload serveradmin.xml on external changes to file, save it on changes made by the game admin commands
  • Changed banning a player who uses family sharing also bans the owner of the license
  • Added stat output to client log
  • Changed format of items.xml to get closer to the “common” 7DTD xml format
  • Server config: DropOnQuit: Allowing both Nothing and Everything as Standard values
  • Print kick reason to log on clients
  • Changed permission level for commands in serveradmin.xml applies to all variants of that command (e.g. “lp” also affects “listplayers”)
  • On dedicated servers print stats to log only if there’s at least one player online
  • CM command now also enables fly mode
  • bat: Assigning a different name to the logfile on each start, keeping only 20 most recent logs. No longer trying to start PuTTY / Telnet
  • Allow connecting to “localhost”
  • Connecting to a dedi by IP stores the server in history
  • Filter BB codes from player names in chat / scoreboard / map screen
  • Filter BB codes from player sent chat messages
  • Allow BB codes in “say” command for colored server messages
  • Added a new random gen mixing xml for modding the game and controlling some of the random gen world features

Known Issues

  • Dedicated servers randomly crash when clients disconnect we’re still trying reproduce this problem.
  • Quitting to main menu without actually exiting the program may cause some data transfer between games/servers.  Please quit the client ENTIRELY before joining servers or new single player games.