Monthly Archives: April 2013

Pimp of the Week Part Deux 04.27.13

After another really tight race I mean tight as a pimp feather stuck in a leather casting couch we have come up with the second “Pimp of the Week.” But before we announce it I want to give a couple of high fives and some high steppin platform shoe struts to Ryan for making some awesome new craft-able traps in the game and to Alex for making a new kickass combat music track.

So without further ado the winner of the second Pimp of the Week award goes to our very own jack of all trades Joel for doing some stellar work in the areas of crafting design, zombie animation and pushing our normal map technology. Congratulations Joel well played sir well played!

Pimp_of_The Week02

The 1st Pimp of the Week! 04.19.13

After a really close vote the winner of the first ever “Pimp of the Week” contest goes to our Lead Programmer Chris who has done some truly amazing work in pimp like fashion on our new advanced Dynamic Block Stability Physics System. It simulates real stress points and blocks give way and fall. You better build it right with some structural integrity or she’ll come tumbling down!

Pimp_of_The Week01

In Good Company! 04.17.13

The “7 Days to Die” Team has chosen a company name. From now on we are the artist formerly known as “Team 7DTD!” No really we’re now “The Fun Pimps” and we even have a not so pimped out under construction website you can visit.


A Tough act to Follow! 04.13.13

My Dad always told us to “lead, follow or get out of the way” but in this case The Fun Pimps with all due respect are politely suggesting that you head on over to our brand new Twitter Page and be a good little follower. Unless you‘d like one of the pimps to come pay you a visit.