Monthly Archives: June 2015

New Alpha 12 Preview Video 06.25.15

Hey Survivalists,
Our team is working really hard fixing bugs and tweaking gameplay but our good buddy Madmole took a little time off from work to make a new Video showing off some of the great new features our team has added into our soon to be released Alpha 12. This build is a monster build folks!

Enjoy and you stay cool
The Fun Pimps

A11.6 hotfix part duex! 06.14.15

Hey Survivalists,
good news our good buddy Joe worked overtime this weekend to fix several of the highly reported broken leg bugs. This is a client only fix and the build number is the same.

You stay cool!
The Fun Pimps

A11.6 Patch is out! 06.12.15

Howdy Survivalists,

we’re busy working on alpha 12 but have some highly requested fixes for you today!

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Alpha 11.6 Release Notes


  • Fixed a problem that chunks do not draw on clients sometimes. This only affects clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a problem that biome spawned zombies sometimes stopped spawning.
  • Fixed fall damage was set too low
  • Fixed several random Broken leg bugs
  • Fixed supply crates and planes not visible in some cases