Alpha 4 is ready for consumption 11.24.13

How goes it Survivalist,
Alpha 4 Release is out and ready for your consumption. It has a lot of small fixes and new additions but of special note the build includes a brand new block placement/rotation building tool that works in both normal and cheat modes and with the new wedge shingle recipes you guys can really start building stuff now. Before placing a block a semi-transparent preview of the block is displayed and player can rotate it using LMB or use the facing direction with applicable block types like wedges and ladders. We’ve added a new hunting knife, bone club and bone shiv weapons and recipes. We’ve fixed the problem where folks we’re unable to connect to a server when entity IDs reached a 16 bit limit and so much more!

So why don’t you head on over to our Customer Portal and login to download it. We’ve also improved our server download speeds to better handle larger numbers of users.

  • Of special note the Fun Pimps have decided on a more frequent release schedule so F.Y.I. It could take several quick releases to accomplish all coming next features.
  • Previous versions of the game will be incompatible with newer versions so we strongly recommend updating now.
  • Read on for a complete list of new content, changes and features. So check it out now funk soul brother!

Official Alpha 4 Release Notes


  • Added scrap metal recipes from candy tins, air filters, and hub caps
  • Added new feature for preview position and rotation for placing blocks. Before placing a block a semi-transparent preview of the block is displayed and player can rotate it using LMB
  • Added Femur bone club\crafting item
  • Added Hunting Knife
  • Added Bone Shiv
  • Added recipe for bone shiv
  • Added recipe for hunting knife
  • Added femur to zombie & deer loot
  • Added hunting knife to loot
  • Added new block rotate sound set
  • The“empty glass” can now also be filled with water at toilets


  • Reduced polygon density on the barbed wire fence trap, candy tin landmine, hub cap landmine and air filter landmine for better performance and to keep people from reaching max vertices in a chunk
  • When pressing the ALT key in 3rd person the camera can be moved freely around the player. Old state was: when shooting it was shot through the screen middle. New state: the crosshair is removed and shooting is done along the players view
  • When the Z menu is opened, the full text search is auto selected and the old entered text is cleared
  • Increased time that zombies play their roam sounds
  • Increased block damage on explosions to allow better TNT chain reactions
  • The turn speed of entities (like zombies or stag) is now dependent on their speed: the faster they move the faster they turn
  • Increased colliders for inventory slots so that horizontally there is no space any more. Vertically there is still a small gap in the bag
  • Spikes can now be placed only on a solid cube. So stacking of spikes isn’t possible

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem that chunk could not be saved when building a column > 190 blocks
  • Configure Controls: fixed bug that “left shift” and “right shift” were not selectable
  • Fixed problem that when placing a bedroll/bed the other block was removed without a check. This could be abused for fast mining. Also set the orientation of a bed correctly
  • Fixed problem that when running a server for a long time and the entity ids get greater than 16 bit, no player was able to connect to the server any more
  • Added delay to food items so they don’t disappear until used

Known Issues

  • Animals get knocked back quite far when hit
  • When you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
  • Stability on Bridges are still a little weak in the middle
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • Sometimes there are missing polygons in the world