Console News

Many are speculating as to the future of 7 Days to Die on consoles and The Fun Pimps wanted to be as transparent as possible so here is the reality of the situation…

After a long and tedious legal process in a closed auction, The Fun Pimps have re-acquired full console publishing rights on the current and all future versions of 7 Days to Die on PS4 and the Xbox One.

We know there still is a steady and healthy 7 Days console community, as we hear from them on our social media channels all the time and the game still has nearly 10,000 concurrent users playing the game on weekends.

As far as updates, the console has not gotten a meaningful update since July of 2017, which was content and features from the Alpha 15 PC version. 

The Fun Pimps are a PC game developer and publisher…and we do not have the resources or expertise to do ports/updates to the console, so we licensed the console publishing rights to Telltale Games who hired Iron Galaxy who have done the ports with minimal TFP assistance.

We all had a great thing going…a full Alpha 16 port was in the works, that is, until Telltale’s insolvency broke the cadence of builds, hurt our sales, reputation and created this unfortunate situation. Instead of investing in a new update, TFP spent a very large sum of money regaining the rights back in an auction, in addition to ongoing legal and auditing fees…

Now that we are the console publisher, as an operational business and out of obligation to our investors and our hard working team (who need to provide for their families too) we have to evaluate the expense and risk of porting any future versions of the game to consoles relative to the income it could generate. Full console ports cost into the millions of dollars, not to mention the restrictions the platform holders have on not breaking saved games which would be inevitable given our current framework and the technical challenges associated with porting a resource intensive game like 7 Days to consoles.

With Sony and Microsoft, no matter how small, any update has to go through a rigorous testing/submission process.

As you can see, this is not an easy problem to solve. We are exploring all options that would eventually deliver a new version of 7 Days to consoles but this would likely happen after the PC version has gone gold and could end up being an entirely new product or on the next console.

Please understand: Telltale going under has put the console version of 7 Days in this situation. TFP are just trying to lookout for the future of our company and the game we care about…

The Fun Pimps will keep you updated as more information becomes available or if things change.

We thank you for all of the continued support.