Alpha 13.8 is out! 02.05.16

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 13.8 Patch is out and ready for consumption. This patch addresses many important fixes.

  • Changed: Create RG City Spawning Method
  • Fixed: Throwing rock just falls to
  • Fixed: Workstations not catching up
  • Fixed: POIs never spawning zombies in RWG
  • Fixed: Gaps in skill returns
  • Fixed: Changed skill effect curves to match internal chart balancing
  • Fixed: NRE on scrapping a now empty inventory slot
  • Fixed: craft preview time was not matching actual craft time in recipe queue
  • Fixed: Cannot craft a recipe when it is not showing in the recipe list.
  • Fixed: OutOfMemory on water particles
  • Fixed: Recipe Stack resetting upon closing forge and reopening

A13.7 Patch and A14 Status 01.28.16

Hey Survivalist,
We have an Alpha 13 patch out now and here is a status update on 14.

We’re working hard on Alpha 14 and it has some great new content. Here are the highlights: Navezgane has gotten a lot bigger and better with a brand new improved height map with higher mountains and deep water, a new smoothing algorithm that makes the land and water much more natural, a multitude of new locations including the largest city in the expanded plains, and a bandit like shanty town and a huge lake with islands just to name a few.

Alpha 14 also has many new perks and improvements to our skills system, a great new damage and death system where zombies feed on your corpse, an introductory basics of survival quest, repeatable quest note challenges, a radiant buried treasure quest system for infinite digging for treasure fun, many new improved world textures and block shapes, a major rebalancing of block damage, leveling and XP, some good optimizations, random gen improvements, and so many bug fixes. We’re making great progress on it folks so expect it to drop in February.

Even with all this going on we took some time out to fix the most important user reported bugs from 13.6 and have an Alpha 13.7 patch ready. Tip of the fedora goes out to Gazz and Clockwork Orange for their xml fixes. You guys rock!

Alpha 13.7 Patch notes

  • Fixed: Dropped Blocks Damaging Terrain & Other Blocks, PVP Exploit
    => removed all item to block damage as this is the source of too many exploits
  • Fixed: Various xml bugs, exploits
  • Fixed: Night vision effect
  • Fixed: Modifying XUI cfg to access cheat menu on remote games
  • Fixed: NRef on dedi
  • Fixed: Armor Modifier values
  • Fixed: Items from aborted crafting queue spam server
  • Fixed: WRN Missing Cleanup for XML: xui/styles
  • Fixed: NRE Spamming Client Output
  • Fixed: Wrong case for XUi filenames
  • Fixed: Dupe with Exceeding Stack limit on full inventory
  • Fixed: Toolbelt transform duping for placeable items
  • Fixed: Campfire/forge duping – dedicated server
  • Fixed: Crafting and timers have inaccuracies in the time
  • Fixed: Broken onscreen debuff status icons
  • Fixed: Cobblestone ramp frame no longer craftable
  • Fixed: Items and blocks spaz out after explosions dedi only
  • Fixed: NRE, missing chunks and pink items/objects after sucking items with full inventory
  • Changed: temporary fix to invulnerability from armor skills

Twas the night before Blood moon! 12.24.15

Hey Survivors,
I wanted to wish the team and all of you a very Merry Christmas. We have had a great year and couldn’t have done it without your support and we’re lucky to have a Team like this and fans like you all. We have some great things planned for 2016, some things we can’t announce yet. So for now I will wish you again Merry Christmas, a happy New-year and will leave you with this poem.


Twas the night before Blood moon!

Twas the night before Blood moon, when all through the base.
Not a walker was scratching, a weak wooden frame.
The spike traps I set on the perimeter with care,
In hopes that it kept the zombies out there.

The Survivors were nestled in the base by their beds,
While visions of Minibikes danced in their heads.
My Buddy clutched his ‘Bone Shiv, and I my Wood Club,
As we just settled down for some good Shamway grub.

When out in the Wasteland there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the campfire to see what was the matter.
Away to the guard tower I flew like a flash,
I equipped my best weapon and opened the hatch.

The Blood moon shined red on the barbed wire below.
As I waited in fear for my walking dead foes.
When, what through the thick dark night fog should appear,
But a miniature screamer and 8 dogs to the rear.

With a huge running horde, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment this game is so sick.
More rapid than eagles from the wasteland they came,
The Screamer she shouted as if to call them by name!

“Now Spiders! Now, Ferals! Now Corpses and Crawlers!
On, Fat Cop! On, Nurse! On Cadavers and Maulers!
To the top of the base! To the top of the wall!
Now slash away! Thrash away! And devour them all!”

As the base walls shook and the particles would fly,
They got through the spikes and the wire in no time.
So up to the Base-top the Survivors we flew,
With a turd in my pocket, and some Goldenrod too.

And then, a big Screeching, I heard on the roof
A pack of Spiders had got up from the stoop.
As I drew my Club, and was turning around,
Down through the hatch came a Man with a bound.

He was dressed all in hide and leather and scrap,
And armed to the teeth, ready to kick ass.
A bundle of guns he had flung on his back,
And he looked like Rick Grimes but with a bigger mustache.

His eyes—how they pierced! His stare was so scary!
I thought he might kill me or quote Dirty Harry!
He frowned and shushed me as he pointed due East,
And his beard was so thick that he must be part beast.

He readied his Shotty as he gritted his teeth,
With a ten gallon hat on his head like a wreath.
He had a mean face and to the zombies was smelly,
They followed him close like their very own deli!

He was fast, he was tough, the Duke would be proud,
And I laughed when I saw him, take care of the hounds!
With spit in his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled with lead all the zeds that would lurk.
And laying his finger on his trigger of steel.
He killed one last Zed and sat down for a meal.

He looked at me close as he downed his meat stew.
You look new here he said and you haven’t a clue.
I will leave you now with this one piece of advice.
Be ready for the Blood moon its one hell of a fight!

Alpha 13.6 Patch is out! 12.24.15

Merry Christmas Survivalists,
We have a great new patch under the tree. Note this patch has some major reworked random generation code play old A13 saved games at your own risk.


Alpha 13.6 Patch notes

  • Added: New video Tone Mapping options replacing the old Dynamic Contrast. Currently there are 5 options including Vibrant, Cold, Dark, Bright, and Vibrant DeSat. Vibrant is the default. Note: These are experimental and could be turned into 1 default with usage of these for biome or player type effects.
  • Added repair to various concrete blocks
  • Added: Some ambient one shots to burnt forest.
  • Added: VERY rough first draft of caves. Still more to do with the noise values yet.
  • Changed: RWG random world generation has a whole new algorithm.
  • Changed: Lowered sea level to 32 meters.
  • Changed: Replaced per biome terrain adjustment with single terrain generator
  • Changed: Biomes now spawned using perlin noise.
  • Changed: Biome distribution is more even per biome.
  • Changed: Hub layouts have changed slightly.
  • Changed: Hub Cell size increased to give hubs a little more room to generate.
  • Changed: Hub cell offset set to 0 for a more predictable grid like hub layout.
  • Changed: Did a slight optimization to pine forest decorations.
  • Changed: Increased stability of stable cloth material
  • Changed: Steel walls now have 4000 hit points instead of 2000.
  • Changed: Night time zombies are restructured like day time zombies. Dogs on day 5, with no spawning near day 7 so players have time for the night hordes.
  • Changed: Nerfed spike trap damage now that gore blocks are disabled.
  • Changed: cornbread hold type and added custom hold item.
  • Changed: Player surface walk slope max to 65 degrees (up from 60) to fix getting stuck on spike trunk tips.
  • Fixed: New rbg colors to map markers.
  • Fixed: Damaged Wood spikes cannot always be repaired
  • Fixed: Dogs attacking rapidly.
  • Fixed: Limited voices on the minibike sounds.
  • Fixed: Downgraded cobblestone ramps stay rotated the correct way.
  • Fixed: Car harvest per tier is now the same.
  • Fixed: Null ref when filling lots of jars with water
  • Fixed: Several material bugs where hardness was not 1
  • Fixed: Spike trunk tips should take damage now
  • Fixed: Light bug on spotlight.
  • Fixed: Texture tiling error on stone block destroy particle effect.
  • Fixed: NRE on shooting an arrow and disconnecting.
  • Fixed: Issue where cities would stop rolling prefabs to place in the world.
  • Fixed: Issue where edges of hubs had a sharp bowl like cut.
  • Fixed: Issue where roads would be very steep due to hub bowl cuts.
  • Fixed: Y offset in utility building water works.

Alpha 13.5 Patch is out! 12.22.15

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 13.5 Patch is out and ready for consumption. This patch addresses many great changes and some important fixes. We’re still working hard on performance and memory leaks folks we thank you for your patience and help stay tuned. Note: This build is compatible with any Alpha 13 on up saved game. Merry Christmas to you all!

Official Alpha 13.5 Patch notes.

  • Added: Repair to all the large secure storage crates.
  • Changed: Added new rbg colors to map markers backpacks are teal and you can have up to 7 friends of different preset colors.
  • Changed: Dogs no longer turn to animal gore.
  • Changed: Disabled all zombie gore blocks for now until we have time to implement them properly which would include zombies climbing them, zombies not knowing where the door is any more after a zombie dies in front of your door, and get them looking better and performing better. Every time a zombie dies it makes the server build a chunk, and when the gore degrades it does it again and again, causing server CPU usage and making the game look ugly in general with pyramids everywhere. We love the idea of gore blocks, but until we can polish it up and get it working right we have to turn it off for now.  You can re-enable them by setting <property name=”CorpseBlockChance” value=”0″/> to 1.
  • Changed: Reduced ingredient craft time from wood, clay lumps and small rocks from 1 to 0.5. For example, making a frame would take 10s before now it will take 5s.
  • Changed: Scrapping now gives 75% instead of 100%.
  • Changed: Reduced stamina usage on the fire axe.
  • Changed: Stack size of small rocks and concrete mix to 1000.
  • Fixed: One of the known memory leak within our new audio system.
  • Fixed: Pistol firing sound should no longer cut out.
  • Fixed: Torch sound quits playing after a short time.
  • Fixed: NRE spamming dedi output log.
  • Fixed: Shift click dupe as client over the network for loot containers.
  • Fixed: Fast pickup and drop dupe as client over the network for loot containers.
  • Fixed: Plant fiber hat now scraps to plant fibers.
  • Fixed: Added missing is enemy tag to dogs in xml
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ItemActionEntryRepair.RefreshEnabled
  • Fixed: Plant fiber hat is repaired with plant fibers.
  • Fixed: Shared waypoints not showing for other players.
  • Fixed: No way to remove offline people from your friends list.
  • Fixed: Camo net blocks now support entities and don’t collapse.
  • Fixed: Player dropped backpacks now have stability and won’t fall and break as much.
  • Fixed: Frig sounds hanging around after destroyed.

Alpha 13.4 Patch is out! 12.18.15

Happy Weekend Survivalists,
We have a new patch ready for survival consumption. Note this patch should be compatible with your A13, A13.1, A13.2 and A13.3 saved games.  We are optimistic about our early reports of better performance, less memory and smoother play but longer testing is needed.

Alpha 13.4 Patch notes

  • Added: Button XUI view component that handles hover/selection for clickable icons.
  • Added: Forge recipes for scrap iron, brass, lead, small stone, clay lumps and broken glass so the user can quickly get his materials out of the forge. Note that this does not give any XP.
  • Added: More gas to complete cars, partially damaged cars have a lower chance to find gas and in lower quantity.
  • Added new spawning definitions to summoned hordes day 28-60, 61-90 and 90 to infinity.
  • Changed: Hover color for skill rows to match all other list hovers.
  • Changed: Chainsaws now use chainsaw parts instead of auger parts to assemble.
  • Changed: Increased repair amount on forged iron and repair kits.
  • Changed: Crossbow bolts now assigned to archery and weapons skills.
  • Changed: OnPress is only fired by left mouse button throughout XUI.
  • Changed: Cobblestone now takes 5 cobblestones to repair.
  • Changed: Various recipe requirements to be more consistent.
  • Changed: Day 12 and 20 have less dogs.
  • Changed: Reduced screamers from 3 to 1
  • Changed: Doubled the resource requirements for bricks.
  • Changed: Rebar frames are now made in the forge and require an anvil. They take much less iron than before, but are not near as durable.
  • Changed: Everything smelts twice as fast in the forge.
  • Changed: Weight of broken glass to 5.
  • Changed: Glass only takes 10 units of glass and 1 clay instead of 100 and 10.
  • Changed: Entity spawning definition now support day ranges.
  • Fixed: Forge now plays the ambient fire audio again.
  • Fixed: MaxVoices on footsteps set to 2 so a footstep doesn’t have to finish playing before allowing another.
  • Fixed: Gun repair equalizes part quality.
  • Fixed: Player loses ownership over his land claim blocks.
  • Fixed: Show “distance to friend” in score board instead of “walked distance”.
  • Fixed: Special ö opens up console when used in chat
  • Fixed: Loot containers are empty at some levels of scavenging.
  • Fixed: Improvement for high memory consumption in dedicated servers: pools are cleared when all players left a server.
  • Fixed: Skills can be purchased with LMB + RMB, allowing you to spend extra points.
  • Fixed: Various blocks that couldn’t be repaired.
  • Fixed: Mining helmet now has a range of attributes based on quality.
  • Fixed: Raised MaxVoices on rapid fire weapons to fix them from getting cut off.
  • Fixed: Could not scrap rebar frames
  • Fixed: Weights of casings, bullet tips and buckshot so it can’t be scrapped for infinite ammo resources.




Alpha 13.3 Patch Oh Yeah! 12.16.15

Happy Hump Day Survivalists,
We’re combing the forums for feedback and the worst bugs and have a great patch ready for your consumption. Note this patch should be compatible with your A13, A13.1 and A13.2 saved games.

Alpha 13.3 Patch notes

  • Added: Negative sound needed for “No room in Queue!”
  • Added: Honey to Shamway foods crates.
  • Changed: Reduced MaxVoices across footsteps and many other entries for audio perf improvement.
  • Changed: Removed fix for memory leak as it seems to have regressions
  • Changed: Zombie bears never give up the chase.
  • Changed: cornmeal is now made from 1 corn and you get 1 cornmeal.
  • Changed: corn seed recipe is now 2 seeds from 1 corn.
  • Changed: Reactivated object pools on dedicated servers, better clearing of pools when no players are connected.
  • Changed: Lowered insulation values of leather armor.
  • Changed: Bandanas are now craftable and provide cooling.
  • Changed: Plant fiber hat now craftable and provides cooling.
  • Changed: Wind cools you more when you are wet.
  • Changed: Running and walking heats you up less.
  • Changed: Azalea bushes can now be harvested like flowers for 1 wood on pickup, and punched/mined for 1 wood as well.
  • Changed; 44 Magnum Parts, 44 Magnum Cylinder, 44 Magnum Grip, 44 Magnum Frame, Hunting Rifle Barrel, Hunting Rifle Receiver, Hunting Rifle Parts, Auger Blade, Small Engine, Handlebars and Minibike Handlebars all use generic sack model now.
  • Changed: Blocked local sounds playing on Dedicated Server in AudioManager.
  • Changed: Shamway loot container to be wood instead of cardboard.
  • Changed: Army camps to spawn only in the snow biomes in random gen.
  • Changed: Cobblestone walls and ramps take 4 to upgrade instead of 10.
  • Changed: stone recipe to match new stone yield.
  • Changed: Cobblestone frames only take 5 wood and 1 plant fiber instead of 10 and 5.
  • Changed: Wandering hordes, extended them to day 21 then they loop. Reduced number of dogs in wandering hordes and none will spawn on day 6, 7 and 8 so that for sure the night 7 horde will come.
  • Changed: Small audio performance update – mostly for dedicated servers.
  • Changed: Stone drops more rocks, proportionate to the resource boulders.
  • Fixed: Null ref in Audio stop call.
  • Fixed: Profile editor sex selection doesn’t enable correct options.
  • Fixed: Ability to have invalid character by having no profiles and pressing edit.
  • Fixed: Shade impacts core temp by -10 degrees F
  • Fixed: Denied resource sound isn’t playing.
  • Fixed: Dead zombies disappearing at certain viewing angles.
  • Fixed: Make workstations closable with “E”
  • Fixed: Dogs give up the chase after 25 seconds.
  • Fixed: NRe when damaging a minibike.
  • Fixed: Hitting Supply Drop Crate Caused An NRE
  • Fixed: One damaged wood spike could be picked up.
  • Fixed: Large trees now yield twice the wood as medium trees.
  • Fixed: Nails use auto weight calc.
  • Fixed: Shift click dupe between tool belt and inventory.
  • Fixed: Cobblestone walls can be repaired.
  • Fixed: Richwood stairs can be repaired.
  • Fixed: Garden Hoe mechanic exploit for easy expandable bedrock base.
  • Fixed:  7days memory hogs on mp games.
  • Fixed: Scavenger 10 unlocks Quality Joe for other players on dedi.
  • Fixed: Quality Joe not properly applying its bonus to items.
  • Fixed: Loot containers are empty for scavenging level 20 players.
  • Fixed: Various skill replication issues.
  • Fixed: Cloning of Skills wasn’t cloning all data.
  • Fixed: First level of unlocked perks were free.
  • Fixed: Players get stuck in loading screen. Delete profile required.

Note: We have some performance improvements but still have some things we can make better stay tuned.



Alpha 13.2 Patch is out! 12.14.15

Howdy Survivalists,
The team is still busting out some of worst of the bugs and user requested changes which are listed below. Note this is should be compatible with your A13.1 saved games.


Alpha 13.2 Patch notes

  • Added: Notification when item is broken and needs repair.
  • Changed: Supply crates have less HP
  • Changed: Rebalanced all tools. Essentially all iron tools do the same base damage, but have penalties for what they aren’t good at. This resolves odd cases where a pickaxe might have been better at cutting wood than a fireaxe. Stone tools do half the damage iron tools do. Steel tools do 2x damage as iron
  • Changed: Dead animals stay in the world 2x as long
  • Changed: Sunglasses make you look cool and also cool you down in hot weather.
  • Changed: Rocket launcher cannot be assembled or repaired without reading the schematic first.
  • Changed: Horde zombies save with map when they reach destination.
  • Changed: Tools made from forged iron no longer break, but become unusable until repaired
  • Changed: Increased the amount of repair forged iron provides to degraded tools.
  • Changed: Buttons on the map now highlight whenever you hover over them.
  • Changed: Player stats refresh less per second.
  • Fixed: Harvest HUD showing -1 to +2 when picking up an item dropped via mouse or drop action.
  • Fixed: Minibike screen text stays on screen after picking up chassis.
  • Fixed: Skills sometimes not able to be hovered or selected.
  • Fixed: Item degradation breaks not being used without degradation section.
  • Fixed: Items breaking after use when set not to.
  • Fixed: Added repair to ladders.
  • Fixed: Waterflow re-enabled.  Water performance on deep lakes improved.
    [Note: water blocks under at least 6 water blocks/voxels will not reduce their emission count so as to keep large lakes from recalculating the entire lake.  Blasting holes near the surface, or shoreline, of a lake will still cause some performance loss but much less than before and will NOT flatten out the entire lake, keeping performance light]
  • Fixed: Drinking water with hands & NRE fix.
  • Fixed: Minibike parts not visible to others in MP.

Note: we are working on the mysterious bad framerate and high ram usage being reported on servers only and have some un-tested fixes in the works stay tuned.



A13.1 Patch is out! 12.13.15

Hey Survivalists,
The team has been working all weekend to patch up many of worst of the bugs and user requested changes which are listed below. Note this is should be compatible with your A13 saved game.

Alpha 13.1 Patch notes

  • Added: Dismemberment fixes for snow zombie.
  • Changed: Nerfed club block damage.
  • Changed: Slightly increased stone axe block damage on low quality range.
  • Changed: Audio source falloff adjusted for minibike.
  • Changed: Player stamina loop not played until < 50% stamina.
  • Changed: Most wood barricades have less hit points.
  • Changed: Updated localization improving cold and hot weather messages and descriptions as well as fixed some item description typos.
  • Changed: Increased chance for limb removal.
  • Changed: Decreased chance to get infected.
  • Changed: Increase size of blood splatter on particle effects to be more apparent.
  • Changed: Temporarily disabled water flow code to improve framerate and investigate flow code performance.
  • Changed: Reinforced iron club is now repaired from scrap iron.
  • Fixed: Male Dreadlocks cause IndexOutOfRange exception.
  • Fixed: Recipe categories now have tooltips.
  • Fixed: Recipe text search now filters just by the name.
  • Fixed: Blunderbuss, leather gloves and iron boots missing skill group assignment.
  • Fixed: Shovel and fireaxe didn’t use auto calc weight.
  • Fixed: Null ref when equipping an iron helmet.
  • Fixed: recipe for stone boulders now matches what you can harvest from it.
  • Fixed: Shift clicking items from inventory to full container deletes items.
  • Fixed: Wrong locale when parsing decimal numbers on Linux.
  • Fixed: major Steam Networking performance issue.
  • Fixed: Yucca juice now uses cooling/tea drink icon.
  • Fixed: Zombie lunge hit timing.
  • Fixed: Zombies attacking immediately from stun state instead of getting up.
  • Fixed: Zombies apply their debuffs before hitting.
  • Fixed: Toned down stamina and run loop sounds on female player.
  • Fixed: opening or closing an air drop crate can no longer be heard 1000 meters away
  • Fixed: Fat zombie scale problem a.k.a. fat fun house mirror looking zombie.
  • Fixed: Zeds unable to consistently hit player when you are very close to them.
  • Fixed: Added pain animations to zombies in a knockdown to their knee state.

Alpha 13 is out now! 12.12.15

Happy Saturday Survivalists,
The Fun Pimps are very proud to announce Alpha 13 Apocalypse Release is out and ready for consumption. This is the culmination of nearly 4 months of team effort. So a big tip of the Fedora goes out to Team Fun Pimp you guys kick ass! There are nearly 20 pages of release notes so brace yourself.

This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. You also may want to create a new character profile if you’re experiencing any problems.
As always if you have problems get on our forums and give us bug details so we can get a patch out soon.

Now without further ado Release the Kraken!

Alpha 13 Apocalypse Release Notes!