Twitch 05.12.21

Welcome to Twitch Integration!

Hey Survivors,

Are you ready to showcase your survival-horde-crafting skills!? Invite YOUR Twitch viewers to challenge YOUR apocalypse with the 7 Days to Die Twitch Integration and accompanying Extension!

Viewers can use free points (or even bits) to interact with their favorite streamer. They can help or hurt you with zombie spawns, debuffs (or buffs), and unique game events that you cannot experience outside of Twitch viewership, including: homerun derby, bucket heads, and more!

What’s in it for them? The Pimp Pot grows with every command!, with one lucky viewer winning the pot for your demise. Worried about too much mayhem? Twitch Integration progresses with action stage! Unlock new commands, trigger automatic cooldowns, and crank the settings to your taste! You have the freedom to Integrate on your terms!

Twitch Integration Guide