Alpha 10.1 hotfix is out!

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 10.1 hotfix is out! Here’s the skinny.

Official Alpha 10.1 Release Notes


  • Added nails to junk loot
  • Added green and blue tanktops
  • Added all colored tank tops to loot lists
  • Added red denim pants, brown denim pants, and plant fiber plants
  • Added recipe for plant fiber pants


  • Fixed vegetable stew recipe
  • Changed Burning can now be debuffed by drinking any water or juice
  • Changed coffee is always drinkable for an energy buff, but now offers negative hydration of -1
  • Changed torches can no longer be stacked and cannot be placed on a wall by themselves. To place one on a wall, first place a “Torch Holder” on the wall, then right click the torch holder with a torch to upgrade the empty torch holder to one that has a lit torch in it. Punch the lit torch to make the torch holder drop the torch. Torches degrade now when used as a weapon
  • Changed removed recipe to make the item “coal torch”. The same recipe now makes a regular torch
  • Changed updated to latest EAC SDK, should fix problems for some users using the launcher on Windows
  • Changed renamed cloth and leather pants to cloth leg armor and leather leg armor
  • Changed renamed cloth shirt to cloth chest armor, and leather jacket to cloth chest armor


  • Fixed ammo crate recipe
  • Fixed poured concrete never dried
  • Fixed reenabled “saveworld” console command
  • Fixed “Err” exception spamming the console and corrupting save games
  • Fixed loading XMLs when clients connect
  • Fixed server browser not showing details for peer2peer entries
  • Fixed server browser name filter would add newline on enter
  • Fixed server browser showing non-feral servers as feral
  • Fixed exception System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type
  • Fixed zombies not attacking client players unless they are close to player running server
  • Fixed antibiotics don’t expire (neither did an entire class of buffs)
  • Fixed you should be able to drink coffee even if you are full (negative thirst)
  • Fixed missing SteamAPI leads to exceptions instead of proper ingame error message
  • Fixed buffs can kill people with friendly fire, like light someone on fire with a torch who is your friend.
  • Fixed startdedicated.bat makes sure the steam_appid.txt contains the clients AppID
  • Fixed alt tabbing would cause UI artifacts on player model
  • Fixed pressing random many times would cause the textures to start offsetting
  • Fixed joining game through steam was skipping player profile check
  • Fixed planted trees go invisible after growing
  • Fixed the Iron armor and scrap armor sets now have their materials and textures working

Known Issues

  • Changing screen resolution/fullscreen causes weird character texture rendering. Changing clothes of any kind will fix the problem
  • New Fire debuff icon looks blank
  • 4 new pants have blank icons and need english translations
  • 2 new tank tops have icons and need english translations
  • Some clients may experience connection problems while playing which can result in the world chunks not drawing and zombies not moving. This can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting
  • When loading a previous saved game Weapons can sometimes load rotated incorrectly. This can be fixed by switching hold items
  • Impact sounds for chainsaws/augers still use bullet impact sounds which is why they are too loud which will be fixed in the next build