Alpha 14.5 is out!

Hey Survivalists,
We have another release for you with some great bug fixes and improvements.

For those who have reported crashes please try updating your video card drivers, cleaning out your files in your C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDieAppData folder and reinstalling the game. Note this is should be compatible with all Alpha Alpha 14 on up saved games. We apologize for any of you who are still having trouble running the game. We appreciate your patience and any information you can provide us in fixing the problems. We believe the crashes are Unity related and are still investigating this.

And for those of you haven’t heard the news Telltale Publishing in conjunction with The Fun Pimps are bringing ‘7 Days to Die’ to both consoles! Read More Here.

Alpha 14.5 Official Release Notes.

  • Fixed: accidental female face checkin with reference photo on it.
  • Fixed: Crosshair is not visible while aiming with a rocket launcher
  • Fixed: Trees disappear after being shot with Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed: Harvesting a mattress does not yield cloth
  • Fixed: Splinted leg time is displayed wrong and counts down too fast.
  • Fixed: Torch has no shadow implemented . Also fixed that the shadow wasn’t working at all.
  • Fixed: Temp fix for wrong scrap amounts
  • Fixed: Military Clothing is not mentioned in Armor Smithing’s description
  • Fixed: Multiple categories and listed items can be highlighted in Crafting Menu.
  • Fixed: Game locks up when a single forge resource goes >= 30k.
  • Fixed: Medicine skill increases blooddraw kit’s damage dealt to player.
  • Fixed: Delay is present between shot and hit from Nailgun
  • Fixed: old wooden chair playing cloth particles.
  • Fixed: snow on some windows is overbright/too much
  • Fixed: Weapon flashlights sometimes too bright
  • Fixed: Made sign alphabet objects double sided.
  • Fixed: black screen problem when quitting during death animation
  • Fixed: stag pain sound
  • Fixed: Minibike – Replacing fueled engine with shiftclick deletes the gas.
  • Fixed: Quick opening the In-Game menu after hitting an object causes hitpoints indicator to persist on screen.
  • Fixed: When Crawling Zombie gets hit with certain weapons, it stops moving along with animation reset (Joel)
  • Fixed: Closing Vault Hatch sound does not match the animation
  • Fixed: Feral horde zombies being stuck when out of visibility range and are disabled.
  • Fixed: Feral night horde day wraps correctly.
  • Fixed: If players logout during horde, horde zombies are not saved but the horde will spawn again as soon as someone joins.
  • Fixed: game object leak in emodel (affected all zombies).
  • Fixed: Attached flashlights on guns now match hand-held flashlight
  • Fixed: Removed apostrophe in description of FLAMING ARROW
  • Fixed: Lack of consistency with melee weapons’ crosshair.
  • Fixed: Adjusted flashlight and attached flashlights and mining helmet to match and be bright enough for gameplay
  • Fixed: Colored Bar is showing up under Crosshair.
  • Fixed divide by zero.
  • Fixed: Continuously pressing X/A button on empty slot in crafting menu causes the box to highlight and blank table to appear.
  • Fixed: Empty quality bar appears under item that serves as fuel in burning Forge/Campfire after reloading the game.


  • Changed: sound assignment on hatches in blocks.xml.
  • Changed: Lowered player respawn sound.
  • Changed: Lowered the radius for the treasure quests.
  • Changed: Nail gun sync and volume tweak.
  • Changed: Vault hatch close sound has more ca-chunk.
  • Changed: Lowered magnum volume
  • Changed: Lowered Auger even more
  • Changed: Handlebars can be crafted without a schematic.
  • Changed: Blunderbuss ammo scraps as paper.
  • Changed: settime cmd rewinds zombie horde days so it can be used to skip around to test.

Known Issues

  • Mac and Linux still have some rendering issues we’re investigating
  • Sounds on dedicated servers seem to stop playing after extended periods of time. Resetting the server fixes this.
  • Some folks are still experiencing crashed we are investigating this and suspect it’s a unity problem.
  • NRE can pop up after leaving a game and forces the player to close the game, we’re investigating
  • Minibike disappearing issues we’re investigating