Alpha 2 out next week!

What’s up Survivalist’
I’ll tell you what’s up. The Pimps have been locked up in their top secret development crib like Quasimodo chained to their desks determined to get Alpha 2 out this coming week. I can’t speak for the other Pimps but I’m developing a hump on my back from working so many hours. Guess we’ll need to invest in those fancy stand up desks soon. Ok enough flapping my gums here’s a little news to chew on for you starving Survivalist’s out there.

  • We have a brand spanking new forum up and running so give a big virtual internet high five to Brian, Ryan and Shane if you seem them for getting it going!
  • A tip of the Fedora to a couple of new developers we’ve added Robert, Joe and Ben who are already making a big impact on Alpha 2 in programming and animation.
  • We’ll do our best to get all you Warrior backers this build soon and thank you for your patience.
  • Ok without further ado here are a few Advertised features and some rumored features I heard about on Oprah. I do like Oprah when I get my hair done. Note this is not a full change log or a complete feature list we wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises we have in store for you. A full change log will be available on release day.

Alpha 2 will include:

  • New Game modes including Deathmatch and Zombie Horde mode with several new maps to support these new modes.
  • A new menu look with bunch of user game mode customization options, a new server browser for finding games easy and a game scoreboard.
  • New items and weapons including crossbows, pipebombs, repair wrenches and more!
  • New enemies including the Acid Puking Hulk, wall climbing Spider Zombies, new zombie sounds and more!
  • New locations in Navezgane including a huge Wasteland City, a new housing development and more!
  • Improved Network protocol for better performance and larger player counts above 8 and NAT punch through for player ran servers as well as dedicated servers.

You stay cool
The Fun Pimps