Alpha 7.6 is out Brother!

Greetings Survivalist’
Alpha 7.6 is out now with many new additions, changes, bug fixes and improvements including a new buff/debuff system with timed effects, a new roaming horde system, a new mouse over item stats system, new double res terrain for better mining, a new huge new high school location, new wearable hats and much, much more. Here are the Official alpha 7.6 Release Notes!

Official Alpha 7.6 Release Notes


  • Added new buff and debuff system that can do damage and healing and other effects over time. The system shows a temporary icon over the compass and icon and stats in the character screen. Coffee and food poisoning are the first offerings with many more to come.
  • Added new roaming hordes watch out for them. This is in addition to the existing noise spawned horde system.
  • Added viewable item stat system where you can mouse over anything in your inventory
  • Added new double resolution terrain mesh to allow cubed terrain blocks making mining and building with organic terrain materials much more enjoyable
  • Added new huge high school location and new road in the plains
  • Added new wearable icons and items for a skullcap, cowboy hat icon and baseball cap
  • Added new lootable, gun safe, school lockers and sinks to the world
  • Added hats to dresser loot
  • Added recipe, icons and items for coffee and coffee beans
  • Added breakable faucets that yield iron and brass to the world
  • Added brown grass to burnt forest
  • Added new concrete recipe from stone and gravel
  • Added gas recipe
  • Added new corn on the cob recipe, items and icons
  • Added new car wreck at the intersection of Riedel and Jordan


  • Changed caching of terrain values lead to better performance
  • Changed made percentage of night 35% as a default for all game modes
  • Changed increased weight of tin cans and candy tins so they can be scrapped better
  • Changed optimized collision testing thus performance on servers with many players and zombies is improved
  • Changed the seed of the all world randomization is now taken from the game name
  • Changed all the chunks are set to static now that might improve the performance
  • Changed hitting water with bullets or items now hits the blocks below water. The particle effect is still played on the water. So you can mine now under water
  • Changed particles for water impact are updated and working for all materials vs water
  • Changed increased delay and player cluster range for sound meter based hordes
  • Changed zombies can run in water
  • Changed car wrecks to have less dogs and more crawlers
  • Changed horde meter to not play warning and spawn sounds
  • Change horde triggering noise sensitivity to have some randomness
  • Changed exact collision on projectiles crossbow, rocket and trees
  • Changed lowered ladder structural integrity so they don’t support houses any more
  • Changed made brass easier to destroy
  • Changed wooden ladder texture to not clip the new terrain
  • Changed forge recipe to require a short metal pipe in addition to the stones
  • Changed air conditioners to give more short metal pipes
  • Changed zombies can now path through water
  • Changed improved stealth state logic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cloth stability
  • Fixed player cameras can clip into trees
  • Fixed bullet impacts only seem to register to the 1m volume area of a block entity model (Gun Safe), but not the
  • Fixed all LOD levels on forge was switched on
  • Fixed can now destroy the small dead animated bush
  • Fixed you can now destroy the desert shrub & get plant fibers
  • Fixed moon jumping problem in games with smaller night length
  • Fixed trees growing through bridges
  • Fixed sham and other canned foods from disappearing instantly before actually eating them.
  • Fixed winter pines to use colliders instead of blocky collision
  • Fixed name on potassium nitrate powder
  • Fixed crash on startup
  • Fixed various cooking recipe bugs
  • Fixed icons that were stone
  • Fixed desert shrub to have shorter collision
  • Fixed truck stop so mechanics pits are not full of dirt
  • Fixed zombies can see through doors when closed
  • Fixed hole in map in the north plains
  • Fixed problem that when attacking a block with the fist the full density was set
  • Fix various model import settings to not include animations to stop console spam
  • Fixed repairing fully repairs items
  • Fixed Metal Scrapping dupe bug.
  • Fixed Item dragging, players can no longer drag stacks larger than the max stack size for that item, remainder will be left in the slot. This prevents going over stack size for water and many other items in all interfaces
  • Fixed item loss with containers in multiplayer
  • Fixed an old west building closet that could not be entered

Known Issues

  • Cannot craft blueberry seeds