Alpha 7.9 patch is here!

Howdy Survivalist’
Alpha 7.9 is out which includes big frame rate optimizations, stealth fixed and many more fixes.

Official Alpha 7.9 patch notes


  • Changed improved performance optimizations including: Removed legs colliders on zombies but not players. This will be added back when optimizations come. UpdateLight script is called less often, not on a dedicated servers at all and does not animate color on static objects. Optimized shadows, Improved batching of billboard objects and fixed leak on materials
  • Changed block name and player name are now displayed when focusing another player’s bed
  • Changed improved Magnum reload
  • Changed Increased repair amount on stones
  • Changed stage three of infection can now be lethal
  • Changed adjusted wasteland junkyard spawner count and definition
  • Changed collision on light fixtures, tvs and faucets so players don’t get caught on them
  • Changed TV’s now drop scrap metal when destroyed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Stealth where zombies can’t see you at all when you are crouched
  • Fixed ceiling lights in ski lodge that used the wrong fixture
  • Fixed Medicine Cabinets to the English Localization
  • Fixed chat wrapping in output window and in chat input
  • Fixed player names with coloring overriding the chat color
  • Fixed chat scrolling issue when there is very little text in the history
  • Fixed bug where you would lose an item if shift clicking with a full toolbelt
  • Fixed repairs eating repair items and returning a tool/weapon in worse condition
  • Fixed zombies feet clipping into the ground
  • Fixed Admin Tools bug with commands being executed anyway when player not found in any list