Alpha 8.6 is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 8.6 is out with many fixes. We did a big optimization to dedicated servers which improves performance we still recommend a maximum of 8 players but it’s much better. more to come there soon Check out the full release notes!

Official Alpha 8.6 Release Notes


  • Added rare book loot list for iron armor schematics & magnum schematics


  • Changed improved performance for dedicated server 8 players are still the recommended maximum.
  • Changed retuned TNT
  • Changed purses don’t contain shotguns or hunting rifles
  • Changed mailboxes now have a chance to have book loot.
  • Changed minor loot tweaks to night stands

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed taking damage would close out loot containers even if damage was from self F.E. hunger or thirst
  • Fixed when loot would respawn the container would say empty even if it had new items in it
  • Fixed the zombies do not attack planted saplings
  • Fixed airdrops weren’t showing parachutes
  • Fixed players bouncing in random locations or being teleported through the ground to the surface
  • Fixed can’t go up a ramp into a doorway
  • Fixed collision on dead shrub so blocks could be placed adjacent to it
  • Fixed solid wood ramp frames can be upgraded and sort properly
  • Fixed zombies should not dig or attack structure in a horde unless they sense the player
  • Fixed take all on supply crates drops items on ground
  • Fixed supply crate dupe bug when in MP and you take all
  • Fixed player backpacks not being destroyed when looted
  • Fixed terrain chunk corruption problem
  • Fixed spawn near bedroll player spinning bug