Alpha 9.1 Get it while it’s Hot!

привет Survivalists,
Alpha 9.1 is out with many new additions and user requested improvements and fixes including: 35 new location types in random gen, a new claw hammer that can upgrade buildings faster, full category recipe searching, grass not blocking melee or looting fixes, re-spawning underground fixes, compass stays on screen, tooltips shrank and moved, friends list fixes and much, much more!

Official Alpha 9.1 Release Notes


  • Added “Search…” default text to recipe search field
  • Added pickup items in the game now show item name
  • Added about 35 new locations to the random gen spawn list including army camps, all old businesses, ghost town and factory locations
  • Added claw hammer and recipe. It upgrades faster than a stone axe or wrench
  • Added home maintenance volume II which unlocks the hammer to rare book loot
  • Added military munitions crate to the police station prefab and made military munitions loot crates harder to get to at the army camps


  • Changed spawning so zombies and animals re-spawn faster in biomes
  • Changed compass so it never hides and adjusted Tooltip messages and backpack so they never overlap and shrank tooltip text size
  • Changed recipe search to now search across all categories
  • Changed made the player map icons about 1.5 to 2 times bigger
  • Changed increased max zoom out on map
  • Changed added new sleeping bag house icon that’s easier to see on the map and compass
  • Changed increased chance to find rural hubs from 70% to 85% in random gen
  • Changed increased possible max rural lots to 4 locations in random gen
  • Changed slightly increased chance to find Wilderness POIs in random gen
  • Changed inhaling sound is now only played after you are under water for a minimum number of seconds or take drowning damage
  • Changed background color for offline friends to a darker gray to be visible on friends list
  • Changed stack limit on sticks from 64 to 250
  • Changed stack limit on trophies from 10 to 64
  • Changed doorknob stack limit from 10 to 64
  • Changed stack limit on shotgun shells to 128
  • Changed stack limit on feathers to 250
  • Changed stack limit on buckshot to 250
  • Changed increased stack limit on all jarred items to 15
  • Changed scrap lead to be in the junk category, reducing its chance to spawn in trash
  • Changed redwood planks no longer downgrade to a frame that was never built in the first place
  • Changed and removed some underwater messages that were redundant or self-evident
  • Changed all recipe colors for known, unknown, craft-able and un-craftable and the recipe header color
  • Changed removed fuel “Burn Time” text and moved the header and timer for campfire
  • Changed removed show friends icons game option it’s now hard-coded true
  • Changed chainsaw is now able to attack also frame blocks
  • Changed reduced probability of getting the Iron helmet schematic was too common
  • Changed Improved dogs play pain animation functions
  • Changed Increased the weight of pistol parts to be divisible by scrap iron
  • Changed improved mip mapping setting for decals atlas so that street lines render at greater distances


  • Fixed grass blocking collision when hunting or fighting zombies also improves looting of zombies in the grass
  • Fixed Spawning/re-spawning on top of buildings/above ground.
  • Fixed all known friends list and invite problems
  • Fixed displaying friends or other players sleeping bags on the compass
  • Fixed not being able to see all screen resolutions, now uses scrolling drop down
  • Fixed game options list getting cut off sometimes
  • Fixed drowning buff was sometimes not removed when leaving the water
  • Fixed all bedrolls showing on compass
  • Fixed bedrock not spawning under some places in map
  • Fixed land mines and trunk tips not giving damage when on top of them
  • Fixed server browser search to no longer be case sensitive
  • Fixed server browser sort header clicking
  • Fixed favorites server list column headers
  • Fixed explosion resistance on player armor
  • Fixed random gen wilderness POI placement
  • Fixed random gen wilderness POI terrain trimming
  • Fixed random gen floating wilderness prefabs
  • Fixed random gen wilderness prefabs not being set at the correct y Offset
  • Fixed random gen rural lot spacing so one prefab will not cut off another
  • Fixed cloth gloves values to be consistent with cloth items
  • Fixed wasteland car04 now drops scrap iron
  • Fixed textures on wooden upgradable inside corner wedges and ramps to be correct
  • Fixed player placed dirt self-breaking. Seems to be when dirt is placed on top of more dirt
  • Fixed sawmill rotation to 0 for facing the road and set proper y offset
  • Fixed terrain in random gen around wilderness POIs being cut down to dirt and clay
  • Fixed backpacks on slopes, stairs and sometimes terrain are swallowed up, elevated to the next open Y coordinate, or simply just not appearing
  • Fixed decayed brick recipe uses fertile dirt instead of dirt
  • Fixed debuff items showing wrong description
  • Fixed Inventory Menu render order
  • Fixed planted maple seeds now grow maple trees instead of pines
  • Fixed supply crates have a chance drop keystones in MP games
  • Fixed english.txt for Pickup items
  • Fixed bug in code that snaps terrain to cubed blocks
  • Fixed bug where crafting search box would stay active after closing inventory
  • Fixed possible ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the context of random terrain generation
  • Fixed augers so they can impact surfaces you can shoot through like frames
  • Fixed improved Stag in water. Pig is too low, rabbit still seems to run atop the surface. Needs more work still. Bounding box issues most likely.
  • Fixed grid spacing collision for drag and drop on belt, backpack and crafting grid so accidental item drops are not possible
  • Fixed bug where dog death animation didn’t play right away
  • Fixed cook button being off center
  • Fixed server browser not filtering by server version
  • Fixed problem that cars could not be opened again after looting


  • There are no changes to the serverconfig.xml

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.

Playing Old Versions

We’re also making the last stable Alpha 9 build and older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 9 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version