Alpha 9 Status Update!

What’s happening Survivalists,
I tell you what’s happening the team has been busting a move on an awesome Alpha 9. The Random Generated World has been coming along nicely with fully generated cities. Kudos to Robert and Chris for their hard work. Be sure to give them a big pimp high five if you run into them. The new GUI is really shaping up thanks to the outstanding efforts of Ryan and Joe these guys deserve a Goldenrod Tea or two. And lastly the addition of Gore blocks and a slew of new buffs are changing the game play in amazing new ways. Tip of the Fedora to Joel for his continued dedication to making the game fun.

For the most up to date Alpha 9 development info, screenshots and more be sure to follow Joel’s Dev Blog here:
7 Days to Die Dev blog

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You stay classy Survivalists,
The Fun Pimps