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New Zombie Concept 07.28.13

What’s up Survivalist,
We have a great update for you today!”

  • Mega backer Tom Clark pledged $6,000 for the Undead Head package on Kickstarter. The pane on the left shows Tom’s present day look, the pane on the on the right shows how Tom looks after 7 days in Navezgane! Handsome fellow. We think Tom would make a good zombie we call the “Spider Zombie” who can climb and jump high. And if you know Tom give him a Big Fun Pimp hug or a fist bump if you’re too cool for hugs.
Tom Clark Zombie Backer!

Tom Clark Zombie Backer!

  • We’re nearly up to over $74 k and 37% to our goal thanks folks for the pledges and spreading the word Kickstarter Link
  • We’re up to number #17 of 1,390 games on Steam Greenlight and over 35k Yes votes! You guys rock Steam Link
  • We’ve also been covered by a few new websites EurogamerJoystiq and Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Check it out now funk soul brother!
The Fun Pimps

We’re on a live Internet Radio show tonight! 07.26.13

Howdy Survivalist,
News moves fast nowadays so here’s another quick update!”

  • We’re going to be on Fraghard’s live internet radio show tonight broadcast from Las Vegas at 9 P.M. central time so check it out at one of these two places Fraghard’s RadioZombie Radio
  • We’re up to over $64 k and 32% to our goal thanks folks for the pledges and spreading the word Kickstarter Link
  • We’re up to number #25 of 1,383 games on Steam Greenlight and nearly 32k Yes votes! You guys rock Steam Link
  • We’ve also been covered by a few new website and Reddit

Signing out
The Fun Pimps

We broke 50k on Kickstarter 07.25.13

Hello Survivalist,
We’re over do for an update so here goes!”

Signing out
The Fun Pimps

Top 100 on Steam Greenlight! 07.23.13

Hey Survivalist’ we have some more great news for you I mean a whole bunch of good stuff! No I’m not buying new spinners for my caddy but almost that good.

  • Today we broke into the top 100 on our Steam Greenlight accumulating nearly 20,000 Yes votes and over 1100 comments almost all positive I might add in less than 6 days!
  • We’re up to almost 20% of our Kickstarter Goal also in 6 days you guys kickass!
  • And last of all to celebrate this event our good buddy JT or Joel Tyler has cooked up 2 high resolution screenshots for your enjoyment.

7DTD_Screenshot_lg_01    7DTD_Screenshot_lg_02

You stay cool

Signing off
The Fun Pimps

Kotaku, Kickstarter, Guns ‘N’ Zombies oh my! 07.18.13

Howdy Survivalist,
Got some more hot news! Tip of the Fedora goes out to Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku for posting an article about our new Kickstarter page. If you haven’t done it go on over and pledge!


Kotaku Article


7DTD Kickstarter Link

And lastly our Zom-Bros over at Guns ‘N’ Zombies have also launched a cool new Kickstarter page of their own. The game looks like Diablo with guns and of course zombies. So check it out now funk soul brother!



Guns ‘N’ Zombies Kickstarter Link

Signing out
The Fun Pimps

Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight Launched 07.17.13

Hello Survivalist,
Today has been a really great day and I feel like putting on my highest platform shoes, climbing to the highest mountaintop, waving my pimp cane in the air and shouting but instead I will say “Today we launched Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Pages!”

So check out folks and please help us meet our Kickstarter Goals and get Greenlighted on Steam.

Kickstarter Link


Steam Link


Signing out
The Fun Pimps

Happy July 4th here’s a new video! 07.04.13

Hey Survivalists,
The Pimps have been keeping a low profile I mean lower than a low riding caddy with flat tires but now we’re stepping out of the shadows on some platform shoes and have some Big News! Happy 4th of July and Fedoras off to the Founding Pimp Fathers who sacrificed a lot and gave us the freedom so we could make this game. And to celebrate we’ve just released a second video and this one is huge weighing it at nearly 15 minutes of in game footage.

So check it out now funk soul brother!
New Pre alpha Game Play Trailer

You Stay cool
The Fun Pimps

News on “The Escapist” 06.02.13

Hello again Survivalists!
We just wanted to share with you all that we made it on a News Post over at “The Escapist”

The Escapist Article

On another note our launch trailer on Youtube is over 110,000 views, over 1000 likes and over 600 comments. Thanks folks for all the great questions you got my vote to be “Pimp of the Week!”

There’s no business like ho business!

That’s a wrap!
The Fun Pimps