Console Patch 1.1 is out

Hey Survivalists,
Patch 1.1 for 7 Days to Die on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been released.  The intent of the patch is to correct a known crash bug involving equipping head gear to either Miguel or Clint.  In addition, further improvements to stability we’re made.

Issues Fixed

  • [BLOCKER] – Crash occurring when equipping any type of headwear on Miguel or Clint and exiting and reentering gameplay.
  • [AUDIO] – Fixed the missing airdrop sound when a supply drop occurs.
  • [SPLIT SCREEN] – During Split Screen play we fixed an issue that prevented player 2 being unable to locate an Air Drop package if it was dropped more than 100 meters from player 1.
  • [AUDIO] – Fixed rain volume variance in multiple biomes.
  • [ONLINE PLAY/MULTIPLAYER] – A desync issues between the host and client was corrected that was occurring when destroying certain objects. Primarily wood blocks in a stack.

An upcoming Patch is scheduled to be released sometime in late July/early August. This Patch is set to include more fixes, optimizations, and a brand new DLC character pack. We’ve heard the community regarding certain issues that they’re seeing and the teams are working hard to rectify them as soon as possible. Below are some of the issues that are currently being looked into to be fixed in a future patch.

Issues currently being researched

  • Players are overheating too rapidly despite attempts at cooling down.
  • Players being stuck in the “Building Environment” screen and unable to proceed into gameplay.
  • Random missing and disappearing sound effects.
  • Players who have been kicked from multiplayer games cannot reconnect despite invites from host.
  • Rare missing terrain and out of world generation issues.