Quarter Million Sold & Status Update!

Howdy Survivalist’

We have a lot of big news and wanted to share with you so here goes.

  • Thanks to the support of our loyal and growing community 7 Days to Die has broken the Quarter Million units sold mark. We have our fans to thank whose support and feedback have made this the game it is. The sales are showing no sign of slowing down and neither are the pimps who are dedicated now more than ever to making the best damn zombie game out there.
  • Alpha 7.8 is coming along very nicely and should be out by the weekend. The build is turning out to be a huge update which includes new high fidelity first person hands, HDR lighting, Bloom, Adaptive Exposure, a new 44 Magnum hand cannon, loot abundancy and respawn options, a new burn forest town and much more stay tuned.
  • And lastly we wanted to give you a peak at how the smooth terrain is coming along. Check out the animated GIF below to see the same hillside before and after a procedural smoothing pass.