We’re on PC Gamer!

Hey Survivalists,
It’s been eerily quiet in Navezgane but I aim to change that. We have some big news. So big in fact I better respell it like this we have some “BIG NEWS!” Ok so you get to the point here we go!

Special thanks and a tip of the Fedora goes out to Perry over at PC Gamer for writing a nice article on our little sandbox game so check it out now funk soul brother!
PC Gamer Article

I also want to announce that we have surpassed 85,000 youtube views in less than 2 weeks!

And lastly I wanted to say we blew way past first thousand pre-orders and have decided out of the kindness of our Big Ole Pimp hearts to extend the $14.99 sale for a while longer! So like my Grand Pappy use to say what’s good for goosing is good for taken a gander at or something like that!

Signing off Stay cool
The Fun Pimps