Pimp of the Week 3!

Ok folks we’re a little late on the 3rd “Pimp of the Week” but we’ve got a really great excuse. My Bitches was acting up and I had to put em in thier place, I mean my wife needed me to pick up some milk at the grocery store. But seriously we we’re busy announcing this game which I’m proud to say has over 12,000 Youtube views and closing in on a thousand Pre-Orders Cuz them cool ass French Folks loves us!

Now on to the Pimp of the Week, no wait I have another announcement first. The Pimps have decided to start a new bi-monthly Video Dev Blog highlighting a couple of the games awesome features on the new Fun Pimps Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFunPimps so don’t forget to check back soon! Why you can even watch it in your underwear same Bat Time same Bat Channel Kappow!

Ok so without further ado or me interrupting myself again this weeks “Pimp of the Week” goes to our very own Rick the elder Pimp for running an awesome first marketing campaign and getting this party started!  Ok folks we want your Pimp of the week submissions for future pimps. So if you not sure how this works head on over to our forums page and have a read.


“If you step-in it high and flashing your grill, your living it large you’re the king of the hill”

The Fun Pimps