A13.1 Patch is out!

Hey Survivalists,
The team has been working all weekend to patch up many of worst of the bugs and user requested changes which are listed below. Note this is should be compatible with your A13 saved game.

Alpha 13.1 Patch notes

  • Added: Dismemberment fixes for snow zombie.
  • Changed: Nerfed club block damage.
  • Changed: Slightly increased stone axe block damage on low quality range.
  • Changed: Audio source falloff adjusted for minibike.
  • Changed: Player stamina loop not played until < 50% stamina.
  • Changed: Most wood barricades have less hit points.
  • Changed: Updated localization improving cold and hot weather messages and descriptions as well as fixed some item description typos.
  • Changed: Increased chance for limb removal.
  • Changed: Decreased chance to get infected.
  • Changed: Increase size of blood splatter on particle effects to be more apparent.
  • Changed: Temporarily disabled water flow code to improve framerate and investigate flow code performance.
  • Changed: Reinforced iron club is now repaired from scrap iron.
  • Fixed: Male Dreadlocks cause IndexOutOfRange exception.
  • Fixed: Recipe categories now have tooltips.
  • Fixed: Recipe text search now filters just by the name.
  • Fixed: Blunderbuss, leather gloves and iron boots missing skill group assignment.
  • Fixed: Shovel and fireaxe didn’t use auto calc weight.
  • Fixed: Null ref when equipping an iron helmet.
  • Fixed: recipe for stone boulders now matches what you can harvest from it.
  • Fixed: Shift clicking items from inventory to full container deletes items.
  • Fixed: Wrong locale when parsing decimal numbers on Linux.
  • Fixed: major Steam Networking performance issue.
  • Fixed: Yucca juice now uses cooling/tea drink icon.
  • Fixed: Zombie lunge hit timing.
  • Fixed: Zombies attacking immediately from stun state instead of getting up.
  • Fixed: Zombies apply their debuffs before hitting.
  • Fixed: Toned down stamina and run loop sounds on female player.
  • Fixed: opening or closing an air drop crate can no longer be heard 1000 meters away
  • Fixed: Fat zombie scale problem a.k.a. fat fun house mirror looking zombie.
  • Fixed: Zeds unable to consistently hit player when you are very close to them.
  • Fixed: Added pain animations to zombies in a knockdown to their knee state.