Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out!

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 11.1 Hotfix is out fixing some of the worst reported problems. Note: We thank the community for their patience and are aware folk’s performance is all over the place and are working on more performance enhancements and video options to accommodate our communities diverse hardware setups. Rest assured the pimps won’t sleep until everyone can play this build.

You Stay Cool
The Fun Pimps

  • Fixed problem when a player logs off a server and closes the game it crashes
  • Fixed repairing of part based weapons not repairing all items correctly
  • Changed spacing for all trees to reduce fill rate for performance reasons
  • Changed cleaned out legacy animations for memory
  • Changed lowered dog chase give Up Time to 18 seconds
  • Fixed: serveradmin.xml created no start if not existing
  • Reduced chance for sharing violation while saving Player Stat to occur
  • Added screen space ambient occlusion video option
  • Changed reduced grass thickness in forests and plains for performance. Decorate last with grass to ensure loot gets placed
  • Changed Increased crafting xp on all items
  • Added quality range to stone shovel and hunting knife
  • Note that since A11 the port 26900/TCP (or whatever you set the ServerPort to) has to be opened in your firewall in addition to 26901/UDP and 26902/UDP.