Alpha 12.1 Hotfix is out!

Happy Hump Day Survivalists,
We have a 12.1 Hotfix for you with many bug fixes, gameplay tuning changes and improvements for you. Here’s the skinny:


  • Added a global soft wind intensity to avoid dead silence
  • Added wooden bows can now be repaired with sticks
  • Added flashlight attachment support for sniper rifle and hunting rifle
  • Added a little haze into depth of scene
  • Added snow sub biomes now contain birds nests


  • Changed reduced chance for bears to spawn
  • Changed increased club damage and tweaked all clubs
  • Changed increased stone arrows and tweaked all arrows
  • Changed slowed sky transitions for a more natural feel
  • Changed the minimum degradation of all clubs is now 100, like the stone axe
  • Changed new game starts now at 7am
  • Changed raised bottom wellness cap from 50 to 60
  • Changed adjusted rain specularity on surfaces and grass
  • Changed adjusted speedTree alpha cutouts with depth, AO, and diffuse lighting
  • Changed stack limit of many items from 64 to 250
  • Changed auger has no durability until we can resolve it properly, before it degraded too fast
  • Changed tuned each biome for proper amounts of bird nests
  • Changed health of minibike this may help to fix minibikes disappearing in some cases
  • Changed improved zombie hit collision, removed a gap between the head and upper torso which would allow for some arrows or bullets to pass through the neck area
  • Changed committed dead mountain pine billboard meta files – hopefully fixing the billboard outlines in radiated areas on low tree LOD’s
  • Changed randomized weather on new games
  • Changed brightened stormy weather to avoid confusion that it’s night time during the day
  • Changed reduced crafting time of grain alcohol in half (Joel)
  • Changed reduced crafting time of bio fuel in half (Joel)
  • Changed bio Fuel is now made from animal fat instead of tallow (Joel)
  • Changed rain spectrum


  • Fixed loaded ammo changes type when swapping
  • Fixed shotgun shells disappearing when changing to slugs
  • Fixed FreeCameraMove + reload button force reload dupes ammo
  • Fixed craft timer resets to start when removing item out of the output window
  • Fixed auger in output slot gives 1 gas can per gas remaining
  • Fixed heavy rain on biome borders fixed
  • Fixed cursor moves by itself when game controller is attached. Game controller is now disabled by default
  • Fixed flash thunder and weather sounds on entering game fixed
  • Fixed mouse and gamepad axis movement could be bound to actions
  • Fixed game browser showing wrong game time
  • Fixed the Trade “blood for ammo” Bug
  • Fixed removed a syntax error from biomes.xml
  • Fixed global specular reflections in speedTree
  • Fixed indoor furniture getting rain
  • Fixed rain striped effect on surfaces
  • Fixed surface rain effect from popping
  • Fixed locked storage chest becomes empty after breaking lock
  • Fixed game not getting past loading screen with IndexOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed locale issues when loading on Linux / MacOS
  • Fixed load old save game with good gear, start new game and inherit all gear
  • Fixed Console commands GetTime and SetTime
  • Fixed timing of fireaxe, hoe and pickaxe. The animation no longer gets out of sync with the animation in first person
  • Fixed Null ref error when firing arrow into snowy sky
  • Fixed console doesn’t work with map open
  • Fixed save game does not save your minibike
  • Fixed improved fat zombie and fat zombie cop collision so neck shots work
  • Fixed minibike moves on its own after the player dismounts.
  • Fixed increased rain on surfaces angle
  • Fixed reload dupes ammo bug
  • Fixed dead tree02 and dead shrubs so zombies don’t spin on them and updated art. Dead tree02 now falls because it’s bigger.
  • Fixed black textures on linux/mac
  • Fixed Null ref causes chunks not to load
  • Fixed trees killing people immediately

Known Issues

  • Some players have experienced memory leaks
  • Linux / Mac OS builds still have black horizons (black models)
  • Some players are experiencing black chunks of the world