Alpha 12.2 Hotfix is out!

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 12.2 Hotfix is out for you with many bug fixes, improvements and new additions here’s what to expect:


  • Added wrench schematic item, art and integrated into common book loot
  • Added new first person rock throw animation
  • Added Iron, Steel and exploding Crossbow bolts.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematics.
  • Added Crossbow schematic which is found in common book loot.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematic which is found in rare book loot.


  • Changed all parts can be obtained now when breaking apart bullets
  • Changed Change “Press Enter to join the world” to “Press any key to begin”
  • Changed Flashlights to not have negative shadows or black dots
  • Crossbows are no longer a default craft.
  • Changed Increased first time crafting bonus of XP given for gun and ammo crafting of bullets and shells. Removed XP given for additional ammo crafted, since it can be taken apart and put back together for free.
  • Changed desert spectrums; more blue at night and a tan colored fog during day
  • Changed increased rain/water effect on sloped surfaces
  • Changed Sound spam and lag when crafting more items at once


  • Fixed High reflections on falling tree
  • Fixed Weather control is turned back off when changing games
  • Fixed Tree falling insides are no longer invisible *(partial fix for the issue – best fix would be to add a cap to the bottom of trees but this is not possible yet with speed tree)
  • Fixed Loottimer reappearing when opening chat and closing it (with esc) while in an opened lootcontainer
  • Fixed Ammo dupe with simple right clicking on the output window
  • Fixed FreeCameraMove + reload button force reload dupes ammo
  • Fixed Various issues with the crafting grid’s visual behavior and ammo dismantling
  • Fixed Removing an ingredient during crafting doesn’t reset the crafting timer
  • Fixed FPS drop when crafting more than 200 items
  • Fixed Crafting grid dupe as shown on the forums
  • Fixed killer tree saplings
  • Fixed Trap A Zombie With Wood Frame
  • Fixed Campfire/torch fire animation is off
  • Fixed Flashlight Icons Missing From The Gun Crafting Grid
  • Fixed console doesn’t work with map open
  • Fixed  memory hogs on mp games
  • Fixed  Bullet icon turns into 762 rounds icon
  • Fixed Added missing pistol grip to Loot
  • Fixed Crafted items need to be put into inventory if there is space
  • Fixed Auger crafting time differs from the preview
  • Fixed Revamped the crafting logic which improved the overall performance and smoothness, things like sound spam and “the rubberbanding effect” are gone
  • Fixed Crafted item not outputting to slot 8
  • Fixed Another Ammo dupe from the forums (for weapons with alternate ammo)
  • Fixed Fixed massive amount of crafting output when having the inventory closed for a long time
  • Fixed Bullet dupe on right click in the output window using the split function
  • Fixed make crafting window show anomalous output figures
  • Fixed Bullet component duping while dismantling with rightclick and split
  • Fixed stacked item with no right click option to split stack (report from forum)
  • Fixed Camp fire dupe exploit
  • Fixed Minibike gets stuck/slower in gore blocks
  • Fixed Too many chunks in cache when dedicated server is empty
  • Fixed weapons being rendered in front of other objects
  • Fixed weapon offsets on other players in multi player