Alpha 13.4 Patch is out!

Happy Weekend Survivalists,
We have a new patch ready for survival consumption. Note this patch should be compatible with your A13, A13.1, A13.2 and A13.3 saved games.  We are optimistic about our early reports of better performance, less memory and smoother play but longer testing is needed.

Alpha 13.4 Patch notes

  • Added: Button XUI view component that handles hover/selection for clickable icons.
  • Added: Forge recipes for scrap iron, brass, lead, small stone, clay lumps and broken glass so the user can quickly get his materials out of the forge. Note that this does not give any XP.
  • Added: More gas to complete cars, partially damaged cars have a lower chance to find gas and in lower quantity.
  • Added new spawning definitions to summoned hordes day 28-60, 61-90 and 90 to infinity.
  • Changed: Hover color for skill rows to match all other list hovers.
  • Changed: Chainsaws now use chainsaw parts instead of auger parts to assemble.
  • Changed: Increased repair amount on forged iron and repair kits.
  • Changed: Crossbow bolts now assigned to archery and weapons skills.
  • Changed: OnPress is only fired by left mouse button throughout XUI.
  • Changed: Cobblestone now takes 5 cobblestones to repair.
  • Changed: Various recipe requirements to be more consistent.
  • Changed: Day 12 and 20 have less dogs.
  • Changed: Reduced screamers from 3 to 1
  • Changed: Doubled the resource requirements for bricks.
  • Changed: Rebar frames are now made in the forge and require an anvil. They take much less iron than before, but are not near as durable.
  • Changed: Everything smelts twice as fast in the forge.
  • Changed: Weight of broken glass to 5.
  • Changed: Glass only takes 10 units of glass and 1 clay instead of 100 and 10.
  • Changed: Entity spawning definition now support day ranges.
  • Fixed: Forge now plays the ambient fire audio again.
  • Fixed: MaxVoices on footsteps set to 2 so a footstep doesn’t have to finish playing before allowing another.
  • Fixed: Gun repair equalizes part quality.
  • Fixed: Player loses ownership over his land claim blocks.
  • Fixed: Show “distance to friend” in score board instead of “walked distance”.
  • Fixed: Special ö opens up console when used in chat
  • Fixed: Loot containers are empty at some levels of scavenging.
  • Fixed: Improvement for high memory consumption in dedicated servers: pools are cleared when all players left a server.
  • Fixed: Skills can be purchased with LMB + RMB, allowing you to spend extra points.
  • Fixed: Various blocks that couldn’t be repaired.
  • Fixed: Mining helmet now has a range of attributes based on quality.
  • Fixed: Raised MaxVoices on rapid fire weapons to fix them from getting cut off.
  • Fixed: Could not scrap rebar frames
  • Fixed: Weights of casings, bullet tips and buckshot so it can’t be scrapped for infinite ammo resources.