Alpha 13.5 Patch is out!

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 13.5 Patch is out and ready for consumption. This patch addresses many great changes and some important fixes. We’re still working hard on performance and memory leaks folks we thank you for your patience and help stay tuned. Note: This build is compatible with any Alpha 13 on up saved game. Merry Christmas to you all!

Official Alpha 13.5 Patch notes.

  • Added: Repair to all the large secure storage crates.
  • Changed: Added new rbg colors to map markers backpacks are teal and you can have up to 7 friends of different preset colors.
  • Changed: Dogs no longer turn to animal gore.
  • Changed: Disabled all zombie gore blocks for now until we have time to implement them properly which would include zombies climbing them, zombies not knowing where the door is any more after a zombie dies in front of your door, and get them looking better and performing better. Every time a zombie dies it makes the server build a chunk, and when the gore degrades it does it again and again, causing server CPU usage and making the game look ugly in general with pyramids everywhere. We love the idea of gore blocks, but until we can polish it up and get it working right we have to turn it off for now.  You can re-enable them by setting <property name=”CorpseBlockChance” value=”0″/> to 1.
  • Changed: Reduced ingredient craft time from wood, clay lumps and small rocks from 1 to 0.5. For example, making a frame would take 10s before now it will take 5s.
  • Changed: Scrapping now gives 75% instead of 100%.
  • Changed: Reduced stamina usage on the fire axe.
  • Changed: Stack size of small rocks and concrete mix to 1000.
  • Fixed: One of the known memory leak within our new audio system.
  • Fixed: Pistol firing sound should no longer cut out.
  • Fixed: Torch sound quits playing after a short time.
  • Fixed: NRE spamming dedi output log.
  • Fixed: Shift click dupe as client over the network for loot containers.
  • Fixed: Fast pickup and drop dupe as client over the network for loot containers.
  • Fixed: Plant fiber hat now scraps to plant fibers.
  • Fixed: Added missing is enemy tag to dogs in xml
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ItemActionEntryRepair.RefreshEnabled
  • Fixed: Plant fiber hat is repaired with plant fibers.
  • Fixed: Shared waypoints not showing for other players.
  • Fixed: No way to remove offline people from your friends list.
  • Fixed: Camo net blocks now support entities and don’t collapse.
  • Fixed: Player dropped backpacks now have stability and won’t fall and break as much.
  • Fixed: Frig sounds hanging around after destroyed.