Alpha 13.6 Patch is out!

Merry Christmas Survivalists,
We have a great new patch under the tree. Note this patch has some major reworked random generation code play old A13 saved games at your own risk.


Alpha 13.6 Patch notes

  • Added: New video Tone Mapping options replacing the old Dynamic Contrast. Currently there are 5 options including Vibrant, Cold, Dark, Bright, and Vibrant DeSat. Vibrant is the default. Note: These are experimental and could be turned into 1 default with usage of these for biome or player type effects.
  • Added repair to various concrete blocks
  • Added: Some ambient one shots to burnt forest.
  • Added: VERY rough first draft of caves. Still more to do with the noise values yet.
  • Changed: RWG random world generation has a whole new algorithm.
  • Changed: Lowered sea level to 32 meters.
  • Changed: Replaced per biome terrain adjustment with single terrain generator
  • Changed: Biomes now spawned using perlin noise.
  • Changed: Biome distribution is more even per biome.
  • Changed: Hub layouts have changed slightly.
  • Changed: Hub Cell size increased to give hubs a little more room to generate.
  • Changed: Hub cell offset set to 0 for a more predictable grid like hub layout.
  • Changed: Did a slight optimization to pine forest decorations.
  • Changed: Increased stability of stable cloth material
  • Changed: Steel walls now have 4000 hit points instead of 2000.
  • Changed: Night time zombies are restructured like day time zombies. Dogs on day 5, with no spawning near day 7 so players have time for the night hordes.
  • Changed: Nerfed spike trap damage now that gore blocks are disabled.
  • Changed: cornbread hold type and added custom hold item.
  • Changed: Player surface walk slope max to 65 degrees (up from 60) to fix getting stuck on spike trunk tips.
  • Fixed: New rbg colors to map markers.
  • Fixed: Damaged Wood spikes cannot always be repaired
  • Fixed: Dogs attacking rapidly.
  • Fixed: Limited voices on the minibike sounds.
  • Fixed: Downgraded cobblestone ramps stay rotated the correct way.
  • Fixed: Car harvest per tier is now the same.
  • Fixed: Null ref when filling lots of jars with water
  • Fixed: Several material bugs where hardness was not 1
  • Fixed: Spike trunk tips should take damage now
  • Fixed: Light bug on spotlight.
  • Fixed: Texture tiling error on stone block destroy particle effect.
  • Fixed: NRE on shooting an arrow and disconnecting.
  • Fixed: Issue where cities would stop rolling prefabs to place in the world.
  • Fixed: Issue where edges of hubs had a sharp bowl like cut.
  • Fixed: Issue where roads would be very steep due to hub bowl cuts.
  • Fixed: Y offset in utility building water works.