Alpha 14.1 Patch is out!

Hey Survivalists,
The team has been working hard to patch up many of worst of the bugs in alpha 14. Many have reported the crashes can be fixed by updating your video card drivers, cleaning out your files in your C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDieAppData folder and reinstalling the game.

Note this is should be compatible with your A14 saved game. We apologize for any of you who are still having trouble running the game. We appreciate your patience and any information you can provide us in fixing the problems.

Alpha 14.1 Patch notes

  • Added:  A new Steel Shovel.
  • Changed: Bellows take 20 hides to make because it’s a prettier number.
  • Changed: Corrected a few skill icons on the skill screen.
  • Changed: Brightened mining helmet light.
  • Changed; Updated female face rig for better facial animation support.
  • Changed: Gave Clint archetype a default facial expression AKA the stinkeye.
  • Changed: Gunpowder uses the Gun Smithing crafting skill.
  • Changed: Leather Tanning is now a perk, not a book.
  • Changed: Gave Emma and Clint facial expression tweaks.
  • Changed: Optimized Female body textures are now two separate textures which reduces texture memory a lot when multiple players are on the screen wearing various clothing configurations.
  • Changed: Updated female tank top to work with new upper body.
  • Changed: Character customization window now reads it’s base slot data from archetypes.
  • Changed: Made mine particles consistent and matching with their terrain damage. Also slight light source optimization.
  • Fixed: Console error causing creative menu to be displayed.
  • Fixed: NRE when more than 13 players on a server.
  • Fixed: Minor XML cleanup; redundant tags or missing weights.
  • Fixed: Cotton farming works now.
  • Fixed: Trees growing a little less optimized but a lot more working.
  • Fixed: Z Fighting POI Prefab (Chris)
  • Fixed: Removed non-functional parameter from concrete mix. Can now be crafted in the player backpack.
  • Fixed: Removed reading quest note from Loot container to fix console error.
  • Fixed: Removed legacy properties from items.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent hit points / yield on some trees.
  • Fixed: Projectiles (arrows, rockets) can pass through iron bars and shot-out windows that look like it should work.
  • Fixed: Athletics is not increased by traveling by foot and the description is accurate.
  • Fixed: Quests.xml is now pushed to all clients from the server.
  • Fixed: Some towns and prefabs submerged in water.
  • Fixed: Central hub city not showing in some RWG maps.
  • Fixed: If the closest riverbank is behind player’s back the bottle cannot be filled with water.
  • Fixed: Blood Draw Kit is consumed by using GUI.
  • Fixed: Toilets again drop metal pipes on destruction.
  • Fixed: Clipping player through blocks, allowing shooting through terrain using ladders.
  • Fixed: Null ref creating a game after being a client in an MP game.
  • Fixed: Light in Mining Helmet is not functional after restarting game.
  • Fixed: NRE spam for client after bedroll was destroyed while offline.
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated properties from progression.xml.
  • Fixed: Atlas Resolution Is Too Small, Textures Will Be Reduced.
  • Fixed: Skill search did not reset back to page 1.
  • Fixed: solidWoodFrames can not be picked up.
  • Fixed: Recipe does not get consumed by reading it.
  • Fixed: Overbright skies.
  • Fixed: NR

Known Issues

Folks were working on the issues for Mac and Linux stay tuned.