Alpha 14.2 Patch is out!

Hey Survivalists,
The team has been working hard to keep improving alpha 14 so here is another round of fixes.  Big thanks to the community for helping find and report the issues.

For those who have reported crashes please try updating your video card drivers, cleaning out your files in your C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDieAppData folder and reinstalling the game. Note this is should be compatible with your A14 and A14.1 saved games. We apologize for any of you who are still having trouble running the game. We appreciate your patience and any information you can provide us in fixing the problems.

Alpha 14.2 Patch notes


  • Added: SlowSwoosh created for using heavier melee weapons.
  • Changed: Cut melt time in half for ores in the forge.
  • Changed: Lowered chainsaw idle sound volume by 25%.
  • Changed: Male shirt fits a little looser and cuffs are bigger than the wrists.
  • Changed: Male bodies now use upper and lower body textures to reduce texture memory.
  • Changed: Removed ammo damage info as it was inaccurate and could fluctuate based on weapon quality and skill. Load ammo into weapon to see the accurate damage in the gun’s stats. Ammo type loaded in a gun is displayed on the item header now in medium grey text.
  • Changed: Male tank top texture to work with new upper body texture.
  • Changed: Switched grass destroy particle to standard shader.
  • Changed: Supply Crate smoke will last for an additional 20 seconds after landing, 65 seconds in total.
  • Fixed: Updated material on minibike basket.
  • Fixed: Wood Spike collider is too big.
  • Fixed: Unfinished assemble items are useable again exploit.
  • Fixed: Weapons which support different ammo types can be duped.
  • Fixed: Standing on turned on forge does not deal any damage.
  • Fixed: Steel shovel unable to be crafted if perk was already purchased.
  • Fixed: Players do not die properly in the death animation or for other players.
  • Fixed: Player unable to move through location another player was before reclogging.
  • Fixed: Cars disappear when the ground underneath them is destroyed.
  • Fixed: Zombies continue climbing to the sky after ladder ends.
  • Fixed: Amount of known schematics does not increase after reading an unknown one.
  • Fixed: One of statistics in Minibike Seat is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Broken spawning on the barns and one small spawn variant in random gen.
  • Fixed: Description window is displayed incorrectly in the Skills tab.
  • Fixed: Weapons displaying 0 damage or invalid damage.
  • Fixed: Wood damage particles sometimes getting stuck in tree trunks.
  • Fixed: 9mm, 10mm, 44 Magnum rounds and Blunderbuss ammo do not have Entity Damage.
  • Fixed: Made cosmetic fixes to Forge screen.
  • Fixed: Starting new game spits out error to console.
  • Fixed: Some shiny objects (eg. Wood Frame block, curtains)
  • Fixed: Refrigerator lighting, specifically when in dark places.
  • Fixed: Updated flashlight mask (more contrast) and mining helmet light properties (range, cone, color) and deep terrain lighting (specularity) to fix lack of color when mining.
  • Fixed: Crossbow reload sync issue again.
  • Fixed: Right clicking on nails causes NRE.