Alpha 6.3 patch is out!

Good Morning Survivalist,
We’ve just released Alpha 6.3 patch that has some great fixes and a few gameplay tuning changes that improve the game. If you’re still playing Alpha 5 and want to try Alpha 6.3 here’s how you do it.

  1. Open your steam client.
  2. Click on Games/View Games Library
  3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
  4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
  5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘alpha6 – Beta Testing’
  6. The game will then update and download Alpha 6
  7. Switching back to Alpha 5 is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to Alpha 5 which will be re-downloaded and you can try Alpha 6 after it is improved.

And for your detailed oriented folks here is a complete list of new Alpha 6 Release Notes. So check it out now funk soul brother!

Official Alpha 6.3 patch notes


  • Changed all loot containers to have a greater chance to be empty
  • Changed cars to have more tool loot
  • Changed mailboxes to have more paper loot
  • Changed Less chance of finding backpacks in the wild loot
  • Changed length of IP field to allow longer URLs
  • Changed length of Port field to allow more room for IP field
  • Changed crops grow slower and no longer grow underground from torch lights

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed IP input breaking connection attempts after leaving a server
  • Fixed pasting IP from clipboard not registering

Known Issues

  • Players can sometimes get stuck in small vertical spaces less than 2 blocks high like on top of a cinder block or trash pile
  • Mac builds need to quit via the task manager
  • Rocket Launchers and Hunting Rifles cannot be broken down yet or crafted
  • Upgrading to Alpha 6 will sometimes cause players to lose key bindings go into options/controls/restore defaults and hit apply then close the game and start again to fix the problem