7 Days to Buy 33% Off!

Hey Survivalist,
Folks we’re running a 1 week special promotion 33% off on both our single unit and our 2 pack so you have 7 Days to Buy 7 Days to Die! The sale ends on Valentine’s Day so act now and get your sweetheart 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die 33% off Sale!

Later today our new Alpha 6.4 update will become the main version to unify our customer base making everyone compatible. Please do not expect saved games from Alpha 6.3 and older versions to work.

Alpha 7 News – And for those of you asking about Alpha 7 here are some new screenshots showing off our new smooth terrain, mesh trees and new grass. It’s a complete world visual overhaul and it’s looking freaking amazing! Also included in Alpha 7 is our new Stealth System that interacts with our new night spawning system that spawns Dynamic Hordes based on the player’s actions. And if everything goes well we’ll also be including our new Campfire Cooking/Chemistry System. We’re working hard to get Alpha 7 out as soon as possible we expect it to be out before the end the month.

Alpha_7_Preview_01 Alpha_7_Preview_02

Alpha_7_Preview_04 Alpha_7_Preview_03


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