Alpha 6 is coming & more News!

Happy New Year Survivalist,
We’d like to thank everyone for making our migration to Steam and our first Holiday Sale an overwhelming success. We’ve been as high as number 4 in the Steam Top Sellers list and stayed in the top fifty consistently in our first 3 weeks and have consistently held a spot in or near the top ten since.

Even though we’ve done a lot of holiday celebration we’ve still found time to get some work done. The word on the street is that Alpha 6 is coming soon and that it will include a slick new metal forging system we hear is pretty freaking awesome! We’ve also heard rumors that the world is much bigger, has many new points of interest and a huge new snow biome to explore with several new snow zombies. Our source has confirmed these features and much, much more will be in Alpha 6! We can hardly wait.

But in the meantime check out the brand new series from team epiphany “Zombie Test Lab” where they take base defense ideas and puts them to the test against hordes of zombies on their quest to find the ultimate zombie killing setup. Check out episode 1 where they test out a checkered deathtrap and see how it fairs against a zombie onslaught.

Zombie Test Lab

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