More Alpha 5 fixes!

Howdy Survivalist,

We have an auto update for you that fixes the following common bugs that some of you may have been experiencing. We are sorry for any issues you have had with our Alpha 5 steam release and we thank you for your patience.

  •  Fixed bug that would cause the menu to not show for 5-10 minutes at startup while authorizing with steam; also fixes bug that would say a player doesn’t own a copy of the game and locks them out, when they do own it.
  • Fixed bug where players would get a blank screen when clicking start after manually typing in an IP/Port.
  • Fixed memory management on dedicated servers: now if players disconnect their memory is freed and not cached any more.
  • Known Issues: Some player hosted games still have incompatible NAT routers preventing other players from joining. A quick solution is try and let your friend host instead

Also folks we’re working on some major features for Alpha 6 which will include at least 3 of our coming next advertised screen features and many new unadvertised features, fixes and improvements.

You stay cool

The Fun Pimps