Alpha 7.11 Hot Fix is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 7.11 Hot Fix is out with many bug fixes, and improvements and here are the Official Alpha 7.11 Release Notes. Enjoy!

Official Alpha 7.11 Release Notes


  • Added new medicine loot group for zombie nurses and medicine cabinets


  • Changed reduced chance for finding firearms in cars and increased chance to find them in backpacks
  • Changed increased zoom on all weapons except sniper rifle
  • Changed cobblestone stairs recipe to use cobblestones instead of blocks
  • Changed removed cloth strips from the game and added more cloth fragments. All recipes that used to use cloth strips now use cloth fragments
  • Changed barbed, iron reinforced clubs to use scrap metal.
  • Changed animal hide only yields 2 leather now instead of 3
  • Changed metal trussing recipe so it doesn’t conflict with grill
  • Changed barn wood recipe to use wood plank instead of the now obsolete old wood
  • Changed driftwood to create wood planks instead of old wood blocks
  • Changed trees now give wood amounts relative to their size

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed car and zombie cop death explosions not showing particles
  • Fixed voice chat not working on steam build
  • Fixed problem that on dedicated servers some block changes were swallowed by lp
  • Fixed frame rate problem
  • Fixed problem that some bushes did not show but slowed down the player
  • Fixed pig loot to always drop meat hide and bone

Known Issues

  • The 64 bit version has been somewhat unstable. If your running into crashes try running the 32bit version by double clicking the “Install_32bit” in your SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die folder
  • Currently there are no upgrade/downgrade path for concrete, reinforced concrete or metal doors.

New Systems Guide

Alpha 7.10 came with upgradable downgradable blocks, land claims, friends list and locking doors and chests. Here is a little more information on how these systems work.
Upgradable and Downgradable blocks

  • Players can build wood frames and while holding a stone axe with wood planks in their inventory right click on a wood frame block and upgrade it to a wood block and repeat action to upgrade it to a reinforced wood block. Then if you have scrap metal you can upgrade it once again to metal reinforced wood block. These same blocks can be damaged and downgraded to their previous states and then repaired and upgraded again.
  • There is also a higher grade cobblestone path that upgrades form metal rebar to cobblestone to fortified to reinforced metal concrete

Land Claims

  • New players are awarded 1 land claim keystone block in their starting inventory if a server is running Survival PvP. Ways to earn more will be added in future updates.
  • You can kill players and loot their land claim blocks if they haven’t been placed or mine up a land claim block and steal it for your own so its wise to protect your land claim blocks
  • The keystone block is a special looking block that when carried by the player shows a 7×7 or server set protection grid rendered as a transparent green protected grid.
  • The keystone block offers durability protection 7×7 all the way vertically
  • Keystone blocks can be destroyed by other players removing their durability modifier of the fort
  • Only the owner and friends in your group can build blocks in your land claimed areas
  • Land claims have a no claim zone outside of their perimeter where only the land claim owner and friends in his group can stake additional neighboring claims. Default could be 30 meters measuring keystone to keystone (This could be an optional owner permission setting)
  • Only the owner of a land claim and friends in his group can add new neighboring land claims right next to an existing land claim but not overlapping
  • Zombies and owners/friends of the claim owner are not affected by claim durability
  • Players must revisit claim once a real-time day to prevent Claim Decay

Land Claim Game Options include

  • Claim Size – Sets the size of the protected area around a land claim block. Default is 7×7 all the way vertically.
  • Claim Deadzone – Sets the distance neighboring non friended players can place their land claims. Default is 30 blocks/meters away.
  • Claim Duration – The number of days a player can be offline before their land claims expire. Default is 3 real-time days
  • Claim Decay Mode – How a land claim’s hardness modifier decays over time that the claim owner is not on the server. Default is Slow
  • Claim Health Online – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently online. Default is 32x harder to destroy.
  • Claim Health Offline – The hardness modifier applied to land claims for players who are currently offline. Default is 32x harder to destroy.

Friends list
The new friends list can be found if click on the friends tab in the main inventory menu accessed by hitting ‘I’ in-game. From there you can invite players on the server to friend, see invites, accept invites and remove friends. Friends have advantages like sharing buildable areas, seeing each other player icons and turning on friendly fire if these options are set on the server.
Locking Doors and Chests
Players who craft doors can lock them, unlock them and set passwords which can be shared with other players. Note the player who owns the door or chest never has to unlock it or enter a code to open the door. Friends who know the password only have to enter it once.