New Video, Alpha 8 and what’s next?

Welcome Survivalists,
It’s been a while since we gave you a development status update so here goes.

Mocap Zombies
Several of us just got back from our recent zombie mocap session at Just Cause Productions in LA with stunt actor Mark Musachi. The group has done work on many high profile games including the Resident Evil series, The Last of Us, Dead Rising and more. Check out the video below for an awesome sneak peek.

Alpha 8 is great
Alpha 8 is coming along nicely featuring fully smooth terrain, a new world collider system for player, zombie and objects, new upgrade downgrade blocks, crafting organization with categories and sorting, land claim and durability tuning and much, much more. Tentative release date is May 3rd if all goes well.

What’s next?
There are a lot of things in the works but here are a few big ticket items.

  • Integration of the new mocap zombie animations featuring 175 moves covering everything we had before and new systems for turning, jumping, crawling under, knock down, stumble back and dynamic zombie crippling.
  • New first person higher resolution hands with a new better deforming animation rig
  • New base male and female character models and a new Character creation system with loads of wearable customizable clothing visible on yourself and other players
  • First version of random generated worlds for a new experience every time you play
  • Cleanup work so we can stay backwards compatible for saved games and begin to set up the framework for Steam Workshop prefab and world mods.

It’s hard out there for a Pimp
We’d like to give a big pimp shout to one of our team members Alexander our world builder. Alex is pursuing his musical dream with a new group “The Migration” who have a great indie folk sound. They just started an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN so check it out and support small Indies who dare to dream big!

The Migration Indiegogo Campaign!

As always you stay cool
The Fun Pimps