Alpha 7.2 patch is out!

Howdy Survivalist,
Alpha 7.2 patch is out with now many changes, tweaks, improvements and bug fixes and options and here are the Official alpha 7.2 Release Notes!

Note: Some users have reported they need to delete local content and re-install for Alpha 7.2 to work. Also as always this is not backward compatible with Alpha 7.1 and older versions of the game.

Official Alpha 7.2 Release Notes


  • Added new ‘Difficulty Presets’ game option that will allow the player to set the general difficulty of the game. All options here are configurable separately.
  • Added animal hide model
  • Added leather model
  • Added animal hide icon
  • Added leather icon
  • Added feathers to garbage
  • Added leather recipe
  • Added recipes for leather furniture
  • Added recipe for paned windows
  • Added nightstand recipe
  • Added animal hides to animal loot
  • Added caption for craft result


  • Changed Snow & water = River Water
  • Changed renamed River Water to Murky Water
  • Changed bucket hold ID to 34 to resolve bucket animations not playing correctly
  • Changed pickaxe fire animations to feel more substantial
  • Changed m136 model to include rocket
  • Changed m136 reloads to include rocket in the animation
  • Changed all looting sounds, inventory, forging and cooking sounds to be quieter when crouched
  • Changed impact and destroy sounds so less of them could be played simultaneously
  • Changed swoosh sounds so less can be heard simultaneously
  • Changed max sounds so a few more enemy sounds could be heard
  • Changed rocket launcher fire so it adds less value to the horde meter and rocket explosion so it adds more
  • Changed rocket explosion to be the furthest traveling noise
  • Changed Toned down brightness of hand held torch and reduced flickering
  • Changed name of yellow flower to goldenrod flower
  • Changed Zombies are scaled down on minimap
  • Changed Zombies that are breaking blocks and within 16 meters of a player always show on minimap
  • Changed enemy sense time is now in seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crafting grid storage exploit
  • Fixed being able to start crafting before having items on the tarp
  • Fixed wrong item total preview count in crafting window in some cases
  • Fixed aged wood craft duping
  • Fixed weapon breakdown duping
  • Fixed weapon repair bug
  • Fixed zombies not giving up after specified memory sense time
  • Fixed zombies attacking air
  • Fixed horde spawns even when enemy spawns are disabled
  • Fixed breaking backpacks if you die in the air
  • Fixed losing items when crafting large amounts with crafting tarp closed
  • Fixed instant item creation is now instant rather than superfast
  • Fixed items not dropping on the ground as last resort on full inventory while crafting
  • Fixed loot timer game option description
  • Fixed animal flee logic (straight line) still needs pathing improvement
  • Fixed all zombie classes appear correctly on minimap
  • Fixed bug that allowed a user to spam the loot key to bypass the loot timer
  • Fixed a couple grammar issues in English.txt
  • Fixed the radiator object showing the incorrect mesh
  • Fixed Gunjoint for female knife 3rd person
  • Fixed male FullBodyOverlays to be false when crouching so player would not stand when using items
  • Fixed hunting rifle recipe
  • Fixed bug where Enemy Memory was not working. Zombies now lose interest and roam away if you’re quiet for the designated time set in the game options